Editor's Corner


Of late there have been a number of instances where someone has either directly stated that POTUS is a Muslim or doesn’t correct another for making the statement.  Case in point, about a week or so ago, someone stood up at a town hall meeting where Donald Trump was campaigning and stated “We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one….!”  

The media went nuts, as did a lot of politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Bernie Sanders, Lindsey Graham, and others; not so much because of the statement per se, but because Mr. Trump didn’t “correct” the man for stating a “fallacy” about POTUS.  

I guess the whole thing of correcting “mistakes” about the faith of POTUS got started back during the 2008 campaign when during an interview; George Stephanopoulos, (GS) corrected then Sen. Obama when he said “my Muslim faith.”  As you’ll recall, GS said, “your Christian faith.”  

Regarding the latter situation, Mr. Obama said what he said.  As for the former situation and others like it; just because GS decided to police Mr. Obama’s statement when he made what I would call a Freudian slip, that doesn’t mean anyone else has to. 

Having laid that brief ground work, I have some questions for the media and political elites concerning their almost complete unity in defending POTUS whenever anyone mentions him as a Muslim.   

First of all, why do you all adamantly deny that he almost certainly is a Muslim…?!  Is your denial some sort of rebuke of Islam or are you somehow afraid to come out and admit that this POTUS, by virtue of his actions has lied about his faith all along…?!  Is it maybe because since he has claimed to be Christian, his word is good enough and therefore he absolutely is…?!

Frankly, any of those scenarios or dozens more reduces all of you to journalistic and political cowards.  If the denial is a slam on Islam and they find out, you know how they’d likely respond; does Daniel Pearl ring a bell…?  As far as the pols, are you simply afraid of losing a few votes…?

If POTUS has been lying, which is very likely to extremely possible if one looks at his upbringing and his actions, why is the “fourth branch of government” so afraid to call him out on it…?  Be they political or not, your job is to report on facts; good, bad, or indifferent. Maybe I’m naïve, but I think you used to do that a long time ago; now it seems that all you do is shape the news to line up with your liberal agenda as surely as the potter forms the clay to create a desired pot or vase, or the bus driver drives his daily route.

Anyway, I thought I’d bring a few things to your attention; y’know, in case you missed them.  Maybe you might want to ask yourselves some of these glaring questions.


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