Editor's Corner

Is the "End" near...?

I’ll bet a lot of people mocked and laughed at Noah during the entire 120 years it took him to build the Ark; and at Moses when he kept visiting Pharaoh and warning of plagues…until those plagues happened and took their toll.  No doubt Lot’s wife scoffed a bit before being “seasoned” as they were ushered out of Sodom.  I’ll bet that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were fodder for afternoon jokes right up to the moment that they walked out of Nebuchadnezzar’s blazing fire unharmed.

There are a lot more stories I could list of men and women who dared to answer the call of God and speak out against the culture of their days, many of whom wound up martyred.  For any that recall history, Christians and others who refused to acquiesce to and spoke out against the pagan culture of Rome were massacred in wholesale lots via the most gruesome methods.  

The point is that then and now, such men and women have been ostracized by those in their localized communities and in a broader sense by entire cultures, and we are seeing a resurgence of this in a big way today.  Not just here in the US, but globally.  

Since the beginning of time, the entire human race, believers and non-believers alike, are subject to the laws of our Creator.  However because of our free will, mankind has allowed itself to be deceived by the lie that we can ignore those laws and do as we please.  Time after time, it has been proven that we cannot!  

The simple truth is that while men think God and those that believe in Him should adapt to their (not so much changing as recurring) desires, He has consistently shown that we must follow His unwavering laws or suffer the consequences.  Those laws are not mean spirited; He put them in place for good reason…He created us and He knows what is best for us.

Mankind is at a critical time in history, when all of our past iniquities, all of the past judgements from above, all of the prophecies, and our current state of increasing depravity are coming to a head.  Look around; compare what is happening to what was foretold long ago; have a look at Matthew 24.  Even if you are a hard core atheist, recognize that what the Prophets of Old said would happen is unfolding exactly as it was revealed to them.

In a matter of days, the Supreme Court of the United States is going to rule on the issue of so-called “homo-sexual marriage,” which, while it is huge and one of the most egregious sins mentioned in God’s Word, it is only one of many issues that are combining to topple our culture.  More than forty years ago that same SCOTUS ruled in favor of the destruction of over 55 million of our unborn babies. Of course we won’t know for absolute certain until the SCOTUS ruling is made public, however it is a safe bet given the radical make-up of the court that they have already decided and the recent voting in Ireland will be used as some sort of “universal precedent,” and the talk is that Australia will cave in very soon as well.  This added to so many other issues leaves His children with eyes to see that His Day is at hand.  

I expect I will be mocked once again for these words, as will the many of those who see this as I do. What I have to say will be intentionally misconstrued by my detractors and others who simply don’t agree with me. They’ll label me with all the usual stuff; “hater,” “homophobe,” etc., because that’s the easy way out.   


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