Bacon everyone?!

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Events

What can I say?  I love me some bacon; alone, served as a side dish, added to something else…it doesn’t matter.  Bacon has the distinction among foods wherein it is great by itself, and it simply improves virtually everything it comes into contact with.  Poultry, beef, fish, seafood, cheese, fruits and vegetables, plutonium cakes…everything is better with bacon.  Okay, not really plutonium cakes, I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

Anyway, keeping this in mind, when I heard about Bacon Fest coming to the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek, Florida, I knew this was an event I had to attend.  I arrived at about 5:45 pm and was stunned when I saw the line, which started at the main valet entrance, wound its way to the far south end of the building, and then turned around again heading to the entrance of the cordoned off section of the parking lot where the event was being held.  

The event was attended by no less than 5,000 people who had the opportunity to enjoy some amazing complimentary treats via the ‘Passport to Bacon’ coupon booklet which everyone got upon entering.  The booklets were chock full of coupons, the vast majority of which were generic in that all one had to do was hand one to a vendor, and a delicious free sample was received.  

And sample we did.  There were samples of appetizers, main courses, desserts, and lots of stuff in between, all with the central theme of Bacon.  My very favorite, (I had three samples I think) was the offering by ‘Gimme a Burger,’ who by the way won first prize for the best main course.  They cooked up samples of their ‘Bacon Coffee Burger’ which is infused with coffee, bacon, and brown sugar; and I have to say, I cannot wait to visit their store in Deerfield Beach for a complete meal.  Check them out at

I also have to say that I really enjoyed the yummy simplicity of the ‘Ms. Cheezious’ offering which was a Grilled Blue Cheese and Bacon sandwich.  You can find out more about them by visiting

Walking around, we chatted with lots of people and ran across Tommy Hemphill and Rochele Helmly who were a great couple and as can be seen from the photo, aptly dressed for the occasion.  I dubbed him ‘Bacon King.’

One of the stops involved a special coupon from the Jack Daniels booth, and upon presentation of said coupon, one had a choice of No. 7 or the ‘new’ Honey Jack Daniels.  Since both of us know what No. 7 tastes like, my photographer and I opted for the Honey Jack.  I’d heard lots of different tales about this libation, and frankly, given that I don’t generally like sweetened alcohol, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked it.  Definitely sweet, but not so much as to be over-powering, and, served over ice, certainly a nice sipper on a late winter evening in Florida with a good cigar.

One of the most fun things going on was the ‘keg’ bowling; get a strike and win a T-Shirt.  Photographer Boris Balaban showed his bowling prowess and brought home the prize.

Stuffed with bacon treats, having smoked a good cigar, and enjoyed a fun time, it was time to call it a day; but not before  visiting the casino just to check out the action for a few minutes.

If you missed Bacon Fest this year, plan on catching it next time it comes around.  You won’t regret it; however, bear in mind that due to some of the language and antics of the entertainment, it wasn’t ‘family friendly’ and I would not suggest bringing minor children.