Damian Davis: South Florida’s Party Planner of the Year

Written by The Patriots Press on . Posted in Events

Palm Beach County residents should be sure to say hello to Damian Davis, more commonly known as BLU Dash, while they can.  

He can be found on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Blue Martini in Boca Raton and Monday at Blue Martini in West Palm Beach. 

Damian Davis is President/CEO of Pure Marketing Group.  Already holding a terrific reputation and laudable career that spans over two decades, Davis left no stone unturned and sought to do more.  In addition to a job that often requires working both days and nights, Davis went from managing nightclubs to covering all of the bells and whistles of planning a party from start to finish.  His decision to host impressionable and unforgettable events that cater to the entire spectrum from college students to congressmen and everyone in between led him to further spotlight, leverage and acclaim in the business, political, healthcare and multicultural realms.  Most companies and community organizations do not have the time, resources or experience to put together a quality event but they know they can depend on Davis to do it right.  Since he is self-employed, he takes charge of all of the marketing, promoting, financing and supervising but does not seek any recognition; according to him, he is just doing what he loves.  Making light of his rising star power, Davis considers himself to be scoring well on an even playing field and has found that his dedication has been worth it.

While there is a misconception that many party planners are beach bums during the day and celebrate and enjoy the fruits of their labor all night, quite the opposite is true – at least for the best of them.  Davis has a highly demanding job in an extremely competitive field.  He spends days meeting with clients in his office talking about their needs, whether it is music, lighting, décor, performers or just a simple host.  All you need to be able to do is give Davis a basic idea of what the event is about, why it matters, what your budget is and how many people will be attending and he will do the rest for you.  He will take care of negotiating rates, dates, times and venues and will take the stress off of your back.  In the life of Davis, at night it is show time.  He is self-confident, has good judgment and if you can envision it, he can bring the concept to life.  Davis is truly one in a million in his trade as he delivers events you can be proud of and talk about for years to come.

Though Davis does not typically mix business with pleasure and lives by the philosophy that what happens at the club stays at the club, he appears to have made an obvious exception.  We were able to track down one woman who shares both a personal and professional bond with him.  She describes Davis as fun to be around, goodhearted and easy to talk to.  From seeing him in action, she tells that he brings happiness and positive energy into event venues but it is his experience, natural talent, confidence and humility that have helped him stand firm in his trade for so many years.  Even on a night where he may be just winging it, the woman claims that Davis still makes the top five.  She points out that there are many opportunities to be a server whereas there are few chances to create the menu and says that Davis’ profession is similar.  Just because you can throw great parties at your house does not mean that you will be a phenomenal party planner.  It takes something special and Davis has what it takes.  Stating that she is proud of his groundbreaking career, the woman closes by saying that you will want to build your working relationship with him right away before he owns nightclubs in all the major cities across the country – and at the rate of his success, he will.

When you scout out the baseball field of party planning, Davis hits a home run every time.  He passes first base with a long list of corporate clients and enough referrals and testimonials to write a new edition of the Bible.  He flies by second base with eye-catching marketing materials, making use of technology to appeal to all ages.  Third base comes natural, as he guarantees satisfaction and the only unhappy clients are the ones that do not want their party to end.  He achieves the home run by answering calls promptly and honestly addressing your needs as well as the benefits of planning a party.  Benefits are social, emotional, mental and even spiritual.  You will find that you can build confidence, gain experience thinking out of the box and relate better with other people.  When asking someone who knows Davis, she revealed that what she likes the most is that he makes you feel good about choosing him.  Whether you are planning a large wedding or anniversary bash or a small family reunion, you will be treated the same.

As South Florida’s party planner of the year, Davis shows the clear difference between a novice and a master.  The novice is quick on his feet, has charisma and can learn on the go.  On the other hand, the master party planner works hard for people to believe in him and offers more than just a little charm.  Party planners like Davis have to adapt to any situation and modify things for each audience to ensure that every event goes smoothly.  Speaking of what keeps him relevant after so many years, someone who knows Davis will tell you that there is an element of surprise about him.  His content is always new professionally and that is how people judge him along with his strong stage presence and magnetic personality that keep party-goers coming back for more time and again.  

With Davis, what you see is what you get.  He is passionate about his career but as humble, genuine and laidback as it gets.  In an industry that is so aggressive and cutthroat with each party planner vying to take on the next big bash, Davis plays it cool.  When Davis is in charge, the baseball field of party planners clears out fast because his name, capabilities and reputation are known.  He was thrown a curve with the recent positive attention that is well-deserved but for all who know him, one thing is for certain – the balls have just started coming.