$15.00 per hour Minimum Wage on horizon?

Written by Fox Business on . Posted in Business/Finance

Publisher's note:  While I don't think raising the minimum wage to such heights is sustainable in most industries, I do fear that government regulators will knuckle to pressure and try to force the issue.

Fox News:  Andre Houston knows his job at McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) isn’t meant to be a career, but he says his paycheck of $8.25 an hour is holding him back in life.

The 24-year-old college student is a crew manager and has worked at a St. Louis location of the fast-food chain for four year. “I’ve gotten a 25-cent raise,” Houston says. “I do so much on my job, and I deserve to get a raise for the things I am doing. I know that fast food isn’t meant to be something you make a career of, but some people do want to become [general managers] or franchise owners. I am just trying to live over here, and get to the next level.”

Working up to 40 hours a week while going to school at Everest College to become a pharmacy technician, Houston says it’s a struggle to budget to make ends meet. “I shouldn’t have to do that—if I were making the living wage, it would be easier to do the necessary things. I wouldn’t have to wait until the next paycheck.”

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