Where has being moderate gotten us?

Written by Don Heck on . Posted in Readers' Opinions

Publisher's note:  Mr. Heck is very much the guy next door.  He goes to work everyday, minds his own business, and takes care of his family; he is also very acutely aware of what is happening in America.  I have to say that when he writes, he tends to be a bit 'colorful,' however that stems from the same visceral angst shared by many patriots, not a gratuitous need for 'colorful' language.

Anyway, without taking away from his very pointed message, I replaced some of the 'vernacular' to suit my family oriented readership.  Without a doubt, Mr. Heck has stated what a lot of Americans are feeling.


I previously "warned" everyone that I was going to make a strong statement in order to address some serious issues, and I fully intend to live up to that promise.  Furthermore, I have no intention of making an apology of any kind, so don't bother asking for one. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, because this statement is from my kitchen, and I'm not forcing you to read it anyway.

In addition, let it be known, I'm writing this in small paragraphs, so it's easy for liberals to read, even though those dopes never like the way I do anything anyway.


Well I'm so glad you asked.  It's intended for all you so-called Republican moderates and you moderate liberal Democrats, and Independents, as well.  It is also directed at those folks that claim they're conservative but don't realize they've been brain washed and duped into falling for all this "radical extremist" nonsense and think they have to "go along to get along," and meet somewhere in the middle in order to SLOW DOWN this move toward socialism and communism. Now I know full well that I'm not going to get through to the "full blown liberals" in any way, shape or form, so this message is NOT directed at them, since they're way too dumb and busy sucking on the toes of Obasturd and this commie administration, as well as smoking their weed and getting higher than a kite. 


I have every intention of fully and completely launching a "very cheerful and smiling full scale attack" on the rest of you delusional fools who actually believe we have had, or will have, some success in SLOWING DOWN this 'train wreck’ that has slowly been taking place for decades as planned in the first place!!  

Let me tell you, we haven't and aren't slowing down a thing, because it was always "intended to be slow" to begin with.  Well, nap time is over and it is past time to take some immediate action, which requires, waking up, mastering common sense, and injecting a big dose of TRUE CONSERVATISM.  Additionally, it's going to require everyone to muster that inner fire to go along with that COMMON SENSE.

Among other things, I believe we need to repeal the 17th amendment…NOW!!!  Because of the 17th, we're really a socialist democracy and no longer a republic, as was the original intent.  We have lost states’ rights, and repeal of it is the only hope.

I'm sick and tired of all the yapping and nonsense about the TEA PARTY BEING RADICAL AND EXTREMIST. I'm sick and tired of hearing some people say "well we have to elect a moderate because they'll have a better chance of winning.  I'm sick and tired of hearing some folks say "the Tea Party shut down the government."

Let me tell you this....the Tea Party isn't radical or extreme!  They stand for the constitution of this land, smaller government, family values, fiscal responsibility, self-accountability, balanced budgets, and freedom and liberty. AND THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING RADICAL OR EXTREME ABOUT ANY OF THAT.

Further, we've been electing moderates and liberals for decades and this country is in way worse shape now than at any time in its history.  You people need to wake up and realize, "YOU CAN'T SLOW AN AGENDA THAT WAS ALWAYS INTENDED TO FLOW SLOWLY TO BEGIN WITH!”  

We are now at the point where this nation doesn't have another 5, 10, or 50 years to turn this sinking ship around. The ship is sinking and if you damn fools don't wake up; you're going to be gargling salt water and having sharks munch on your butts.

Also, as I mentioned, the Tea Party didn't shut down the government, the damn commie liberals and moderates shut it down and fooled you dopes. They temporally laid off, with pay, 800,000 non-essential, unnecessary, over paid, federal government employees for a short period of time and almost no one missed them.  May I suggest you folks look up the definition of non-essential and unnecessary for their true meaning?

The government of this country made every fraudulent effort to cause pain and discomfort to the citizens of this country, and that should have never taken place to begin with.


How about 17 trillion in debt?

How about taking peoples good insurance away and replacing it with garbage?

How about not being honest with the citizens who they work for?

How about fraudulent numbers on unemployment?

How about lying about Benghazi?

How about overreach of the NSA and the IRS?

How about the small percentage of the so-called rich paying 86% of income taxes?

How about having to show ID for buying alcohol or cashing a check but not for voting?

How about making a law so boys and girls can now go into each other’s restroom?

How about enslaving a large part of the population by getting them hooked on dependency and entitlements?

How about blaming the Tea Party whose members believe in a balanced budget and complying with the constitution and laws of the land?

How about doing the same stupid failed things over and over and expecting a different result?

And I’ve barely scratched the surface!


Don Heck

Concerned citizen and American Patriot