Hawking reverses 'Black Hole' theory

Written by Fox News on . Posted in Science

Publisher's note:  I find it very interesting that Stephen Hawking has reversed his position on this issue; I also see it as a sign that perhaps some of the rebuttals of his claims by Ravi Zacharias are starting to take hold.  Time will tell.

Fox News:  Stephen Hawking now says there are no black holes, doing an about-face on the objects that helped cement his reputation as the world’s preeminent scientist, New Scientist reports.

In 1974, Hawking took a black hole theory and added quantum mechanics, sparking a debate that rages to this day.

But now, after a bet with another physicist, Hawking says things may be able to escape from black holes.

According to New Scientist, Hawking originally said that when a black hole dies, it takes everything inside with it.  Now, 40 years later, he is arguing that it might be possible for light and information to escape. 

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