Lousy call by NFL

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Publisher's note:  Okay, I'll admit it, I'm not the world's biggest sports fan.  I like football, baseball, basketball, and all the rest just fine; but I never have been a raving fan of even my hometown teams. It has never been that important to me.  However, I do understand nonsense when I see and hear it.

In case you missed it, the NFL has told the town of East Rutherford, NJ that they can party in the streets all day and night and have a great time, except they may not use any logos of make any mention of the name Super Bowl in any marketing of the planned downtown party.   It's a copyright thing y'know.  And they're not kidding either; the NFL is watching and there will be legal penalty flags all over East Rutherford if they break the rule.   

The problem is that East Rutherford happens to be the town where this Sunday's big game is taking place.  Talk about a bad call.  Perhaps the NFL might want to review this play.

Fox News:  Super Bowl XLVIII's hometown has a rude guest.

The sports world is converging on East Rutherford (pop. 8,978) for Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, and all the town wanted to do was have a little block party for locals not rich or lucky enough to have tickets. 

The NFL can't stop the party, but they did bar East Rutherford from using the phrase "Super Bowl" in any description of the humble event, set to take place Sunday afternoon in the shadow of the town's most famous building, MetLife Stadium.

“Do I feel snubbed?” Mayor James Casella replied when asked by FoxNews.com if he thought it was fair. “This is the way it has always been, I never expect more.”

So Sunday's event, at which main drag Park Avenue will be blocked off, live bands will play and local restaurants will serve up food and drink in the open air, will be dubbed “The Meadowlands Tailgate Party Live from East Rutherford.” The town's website trumpets a "Game Day Tailgate."

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