Comrade DiBlasio too left for the left

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Publisher's note:  Recently I used the analogy of a sand sculpture to compare the plight of NYC under what I believe to be the worst mayor in that city's history, even given the recent disaster of the last one.

Only in his second month in office, he is already proving me correct.  Not that I needed proof, but how extreme left does one have to be in order to be ostracized by among the worst Governors New York has or will ever have?  Suffice it to say, the difference in their height has nothing to do with hizzoner the mayor and Governor Cuomo not seeing eye to eye.

Fox News:  Voters knew Bill de Blasio would be turning the Big Apple into a test tube for liberal policies. But New York City's new mayor is moving surprisingly quickly as he pushes for changes that would give ID cards to illegal immigrants, hike taxes on top earners and raise the city's minimum wage. 

The unabashed "progressive" who ran and won on promises to end New York's income inequality is now running into pushback from members of his own party, including the state's Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo. 

The governor already has rejected two of de Blasio's pet projects, and used choice words to describe one of them. This week, he panned the mayor's push to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to fund a New York City pre-K program. Cuomo, who wants a statewide program, called the idea of letting "richer communities" fund only their own districts "repugnant." 

While the de Blasio-Cuomo spat has captured the attention of the New York media, de Blasio's debut as mayor speaks to a broader concern. 

Some political watchers warn that de Blasio, who captured 73 percent of the vote during November's general election, is blowing through his political capital and is now in jeopardy of becoming the latest in a long line of New York City mayors who have floated grand ideas only to have them knocked down and defeated in Albany.

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