Need to see a Dr.? There's an APP for that.

Written by msnbc on . Posted in Health/Fitness

I guess we should have seen this coming.  It wasn’t that long ago that your phone was a big clunky machine confined within the walls of your home probably with a separate equally as large answering machine.  So, over the past 20 years or so, the vast majority of people have gotten away from old fashioned land lines in favor of better, vastly more functional, cell phones and smart phones.

Now that we’re all used to our high tech phones getting us from point A to point B, finding favorite foods and ordering as well as paying in advance, and all of the endless tasks they perform with the touch of a button, they are about to bring us to new heights of wow.

And as this video with Dr. Eric Topol shows, the main force behind the technology shows, those new heights of wow are in the field of medicine.  Everything from heart rates to ultrasounds and more can now be monitored with our smart phones and sent directly to our health care providers with the click of a button.

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