"Melt" Yummy in Boynton Beach...

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Hungry?  Craving outrageously yummy?!  

I have to say, I had the lunch of lunches today in Boynton Beach, FL. 

Now mind you, this place will never be on the prescription pad of your Cardiologist…cause mountains of yummy melted cheese, savory barbequed pulled pork, and Cole Slaw, all grilled up between two thick slices of buttered bread and called a 'grilled cheese’ is not going to please a dietician.  But for real, who cares what some health nut quack has to say?  I’ve tried healthy eating…didn’t make my taste buds dance.

Howevuh...I love me some good old fashioned yummy food, and I found it today.  Oh yes I did!  

All one has to do is take a drive to the intersection of Gateway Blvd. and Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach, Fl. and you will find a little place on the SE side called 'Melt.’  By the way, if you don’t live in So. Florida, no problema.  All you need to do is buy a plane ticket to Palm Beach International Airport, rent a car or take a cab, and find this place.  IMHO, it is worth the plane fare just to have lunch.  Really…I think prisoners on death row will start requesting last meals from this place before long.  

I’m even going to suggest that "The Donald” should probably stop by some weekend while his plane is being prepped up the street at PBI.

Okay, enough fluff, (I don’t get free meals for doing this)….but I think by now you get that I liked this place a lot.  I had the "pulled pork” sandwich off the regular menu, my friends had the BCT, (a bacon and cheese something or other that didn’t stand a chance with either Hamida, Neil, or Carmine) and we all shared the "Disco Fries.”  I really have no idea why they don’t just call them "insanely yummy, get your own/these are my gravy and cheese soaked fries,” but whatevuh.  Anyway, don’t leave without having them.

My friends, there are a whole lot of dining choices at that intersection and in that area of Boynton Beach.  But I’m here to say that while 'Melt’ just recently opened and this is the only location for right now, they need to start opening locations all over the place.  This first spot is going to have lines out the door every day once people try it even once.

I give them all five of my Stars for qualify, price, and service.  Don’t even think of eating lunch elsewhere in Boynton Beach.

You’ll find them at 1880 N. Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach.  Their phone is 561-806-6635, and you can visit their website here.