Testimony to a mother's love

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Publisher’s note:  In a world where many women might have made a lot of different decisions, including what I consider the unthinkable, this mom said “I love you” in the ultimate way; she knowingly risked her own life to save her baby.  Sadly, she did in fact lose her life; however, all she ever wanted was to be a mom, and she realized that desire before she died.

God bless you Qiu Yuanyuan, and all the other mothers around the world we don’t hear about that have done the same thing.

Fox News:  An up-and-coming TV host in Zhengzhou, China, always gave as much time as she could to her job, often working 14-hour days without complaint, a co-worker says.

But when Qiu Yuanyuan became pregnant in March, her focus switched over to her unborn child—so much so that when she found out she had late-stage womb cancer in July, she opted not to go forward with chemo to protect her baby, Shanghaiistreports.

In September she gave birth to 3.3-pound Niannian two months early via C-section, after which doctors tried to remove her tumor and begin chemo, but it was too late: Qiu died Wednesday at home on Niannian's 100th day, a traditional Chinese celebration, the South China Morning Post reports.

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