Coming to America....sooner than you think

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Wild Bill for America

Publisher's note:  Wild Bill is always on the mark and today's video is no exception.  He starts off by reading an open letter of warning to America from a British citizen named James Bingham...a letter that all Americans and freedom loving people from around the world need to hear and heed.  

So many have been trying to warn us for years, in the name of tolerance so many of us refuse to heed those warnings.  In the end, what we are witnessing around the world are the final steps of a process started in America and which will have the same results if we don’t stop it NOW.  

In the name of tolerance, those countries, England, France, Denmark, and so many others allowed a slow infiltration by giving in to every little whim, every small demand.  Little by little the parasitic invaders chipped away at the fabric of the host cultures; in the name of tolerance their 'minor' crimes were ignored, little by little they have been allowed to gain a stronghold.  The result is that many nations in Europe have or are falling to the sword of islam.

America, it is up to all of us to wake up from the stupor we have been lulled into.  Shut off the TV, put away the video games, stop worrying about whether Bruce Jenner is going to have a sex change, or how inflated or deflated Tom Brady’s footballs are.  

We are the last bastion of freedom on the planet and we are under attack.  Our enemy is not stupid. They have studied us and they know our laws and weaknesses and play us like a bass fiddle.  They have pitted us against ourselves in many cases.  

If we are to survive as a culture and nation, we must remove the veil of “tolerance” and stand united against this enemy.  Otherwise, the day will be upon us soon that we will have to look our children in the face and say, “…I was warned and chose to ignore the signs.”

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