Disaster in Nepal...death toll 3200 and rising

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in World News

Publisher’s note:  As this story unfolds and more details become available, it is clear that by the time the sifting through rubble is done, and however many aftershocks take their toll, this tragedy will have claimed the lives of many and seriously injured countless more.  

Rescue efforts are under way and mounting for what will be a daunting task.  Roads will be difficult to pass making basic necessities like food, water, clothing and shelter, medical supplies and so much more very difficult to come by. 

We will hear stories of families separated by death and a few miraculous recoveries.

This will be exponentially worse than what might occur in any of our known areas prone to such an event because while many of our buildings and structures are designed and built to withstand a very potent hit, most of the buildings in Nepal are very old and not constructed with the same engineering that we might employ.

While considering this horror and what I might do if I found myself in the middle of such an event, I was struck with fragility of life and the warning of Luke 21:11.  We just don’t know what the very next moment could bring. Have we left anything unsaid?  Is there anyone we need to say “I love you” or apologize to?  Is there a wrong that needs to be righted?  Most importantly, are we right with God? 

I know from personal experience that if the latter is covered, all of the rest and so much more becomes a little easier. It’s never going to be a cakewalk this side of Heaven, but the time to decide is before “the earthquake” hits.  It is too late after.  Maybe today is the day to consider that before your own “earthquake” strikes. 

Fox News:  U.N. spokeswoman Orla Fagan, who is heading to Nepal, said preventing the spread of disease is one of the most important tasks facing aid workers who are arriving.

"There are 14 international medical teams on the way and either 14 or 15 international search-and-rescue teams on the way," she said. "They need to get in as soon as possible. They will use military aircraft to get them into Nepal."

The Pentagon says a U.S. military plane has departed from the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware bound for the earthquake-stricken nation.

Onboard are 70 personnel, including a U.S. Agency for International Development disaster assistance response team, a Virginia-based search and rescue team and 45 tons of cargo to provide assistance to areas hit by Saturday's massive quake.

The Pentagon says the flight is expected to arrive at Kathmandu on Monday.

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