The Edge Of The Solar System..

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Science

I am always amazed by space exploration, and this stunning, high resolution photo of Pluto is no exception.  It’s tough enough for most of us to get a decent photo of a bird flying overhead, let alone this cold, isolated former planet tucked away in the farthest reaches or our Solar System some 3 Billion miles away.  We haven't had a more vivid shot of "Pluto" since, well, not since that guy down there to the right who is also named "Pluto."

Of course, given the size of our Galaxy, it IS relatively speaking, in the same room.

I cannot wait to see the rest of the images that are on the way back and will become available this fall.

The Guardian:  Cheers, whoops and flag waving broke out at Nasa’s New Horizons control centre as scientists celebrated the spacecraft’s dramatic flyby of Pluto, considered the last unexplored world in the solar system.

The probe shot past at more than 28,000mph (45,000 km/h) at 12.49pm BST (7.49am ET) on a trajectory that brought the fastest spacecraft ever to leave Earth’s orbit within 7,770 miles of Pluto’s surface.

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