An 8 year old inventor has idea to find missing planes

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in National News

An 8 year old child inventor offers idea to Delta Airlines on how to possibly locate lost aircraft. They like it. Not likely that he'll be invited to the WH or MIT though; his name isn't Ahmed, and his idea looks nothing like a "clock." Since I know potus and his cronies won't reach out with a thumbs up, I will.

Nicely done Ben. You saw a problem and came up with a good potential fix. Kudos young man, we need lots more like you. BTW, a lot of people would really like to talk to you about that "pressure plate voting machine" rig. Keep up the good work.

Fox News:  A young airplane enthusiast received a welcome surprise from a Delta executive after sending the airline a series of suggestions on how to improve safety in the event of a crash.

Laura Treider and her son Ben, 8, were watching a show about how planes mysteriously disappear, which included a segment about the disappearance of Malaysia’s MH370.

“I felt a little sad,” Ben told But right away this young inventor got to work, designing an emergency aircraft system he believes would make it easier to locate planes in the event of an ocean crash.

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