National Day of Prayer...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in National News

Once a year as a nation we set aside this day to collectively acknowledge our Creator and the many blessings He has bestowed upon us.  You won’t see much about it on the news, there are no cards to buy at Hallmark, and I doubt it is mentioned at all in public schools.

It is never the less a reminder of our strong Judeo/Christian heritage, and given that it is largely brushed aside by our ever increasing secular culture, it is a stark reminder of how far we have strayed from the path our founders set us on.

If we are to survive as a nation, we need to return to that; we need to humble ourselves in a collective revival and we must take to our knees.  

Since I believe that revival starts with the individual, I will offer this prayer; on behalf of myself and my many friends and family.

Father God, as I look around, I see so many things that I know are grievous to you.  In the name of tolerance and political correctness, we have cast righteous things to the side; we call right wrong and wrong right.  We destroy our precious young, we have granted acceptance to almost every form of perversion, and have sinned against you greatly.

Where your name was once honored, it is now scorned.  We have fallen into the sin of worshipping many false idols; sex, money, power, material things, and so many more.  We celebrate those who publicly curse you and shun those who worship you.

Father God, as we enter what many of your children believe could very well be our final season as a nation, give us the presence of mind to treat each other better.  Let us over look our differences and work together.  The issues that divide us are too numerous to count, however I ask that you would just guide us and lead us back on the right path.

Father God, bless us once again with strong leaders who honor you and live by your Word. Please forgive us and accept the many prayers lifted to you across this nation today and every day.

Father God, I thank you for our many blessings, and I ask you to hear this prayer from your humble servant; lifted to you in the matchless name of your Son, Jesus the Christ.