Serving Taquiyya Pie at FAU

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Florida News

Phobia; “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.”

Also; “a combining form meaning “fear,” occurring in loan words from Greek, (hydrophobia; on this model, used in the names of mental disorders that have the general sense of “dread of, aversion toward,” that specified by the initial element: agoraphobia.” 

Indeed, it is an interesting word; one which has morphed in its application to suit any agenda driven purpose and is used mostly in an attempt to shed a bad light upon anyone who doesn’t fall in line and agree with the agenda of the person or group who employs it.  All one has to do is attach “phobia” to the end of any word and someone else gets labelled a hater.

One of the biggest and overused examples of this of late is “Islamophobia;” like all other phobias with a special interest group attached to the front, is a word made up by the groups and leftist extremists used to hurl at anyone who dares to shed the light of truth on the topic, (in this case, Islam).  In truth, the tag “phobia” should be replaced with “realism.”  This is especially so given that I don’t know anyone who “fears” Islam or Muslims; extremely ticked off, yes; fear NEVER.

Moving along to the event of Monday, 5/23/16.  

Shame on FAU, and shame on the State of Florida for allowing the 'Muslim Student Association,’ which was founded by and is a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood, to host the completely one-sided “Islamophobia Event” that I witnessed in the Student Union Bldg. on the Boca Raton Campus.

A more apt title for the event might have been along the lines of “anyone that doesn’t see eye to eye with our Muslim dais is a hater,” as that term was used numerous times, and especially by Wilfredo Ruiz; who coincidentally is an Attorney for CAIR, (see below).

The event started a little late, and after some initial sound system problems, the “rules” were given. Essentially, any questions had to be delivered via text message or email, and any outbursts from the gathered audience would be met with removal by police, because the last thing you want at such a venue is free speech.  Besides, that whole First Amendment thing is so 1787.

Before anyone spoke, we were 'softened’ via a propaganda video that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush.  The only thing it didn’t include was a clip of CAIR Leader and now Broward Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze helping an old lady cross the street.  

By the way, if you are not familiar with CAIR; it stands for Council on American-Islamic Relations, which sounds very nice until you understand that they are among other things the product of a Hamas-support network in the United State, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the terror-finance trial against the Holy Land Foundation and its former officials.  Additionally, CAIR is listed, along with the Muslim American Society as a Terror Organization by the United Arab Emirates.  In case you are not aware, Hamas is merely another in a long list of off shoots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

To their credit, a couple of people did get up and announce their dismay with the nonsense spewing from the dais; and they promptly removed themselves without police assistance.

The only non-Muslim on the dais was Rabbi Barry Silver of L’Dor Va-Dor in Lake Worth, FL; however he himself being a huge proponent of ‘inter-faith’ dialogue has more than once spoken out against the concerns of citizens who are awakening to what is happening in America and the West with regards to “Islamization” of the culture.  Rabbi Silver gave the longest of the opening remarks and one of those in the audience who had something to say, stood up, called him a “schmuck” and walked out.

During his diatribe, he took text out of context and trashed some of the Old Testament of the Bible, and trashed some of what my Lord and Savior Jesus had to say about defending oneself.  He also said that Islam is the closest thing to Judaism of all religions, which was right about when the “schmuck” comment came.  In fact the only thing he said that made any sense at all to me was that there is a curse over the middle-east caused by the Islamic call to destroy Israel.  How he mostly sides with Muslims knowing their open desire to destroy Israel is mind boggling to me.

For most of the rest of the evening, we heard from the various members of the dais which included Shaikh Shafayat Mohamed, Wilfred Ruiz, Maha El Kolalli, and Deema Gichi; all of whom jumped in to offer their take on various subjects that they associated with “Islamophobia.”

They were all over the place with their rants and largely skirted and downplayed the increasing issues we see around the world and in this country.  Just to name a few things they didn't mention; the unrest throughout Europe; the rampage in the Oklahoma Food Plant; the attempt on Pamela Geller’s life last year in Garland, TX; and so many more.   

At least one on the dais mentioned that only a “few” Muslims do the heinous things we see almost daily. That over-used comment cannot go unanswered by this commentator.  “Few” translates as follows; depending upon which poll one chooses to believe, there are somewhere between a low of 7% to a high of 25% of Muslims worldwide who are of a violent jihadi mindset.  Which means based upon a population of 1.6B, there are between 112M and 400M individuals; but I’ll average it in the middle and use 16% as my multiplier putting the number at ONLY 256M.  No matter which number you look at, it is more than a “few.”  In fact, it is a massive army to be very aware of and concerned about.

Several on the dais also mentioned Donald Trump in a bad light, no doubt due to his statements regarding temporarily banning Muslims from entering the US.  Let me remind the reader that his comments stemmed from the current administration’s desire to allow untold tens of thousands of “unvetted” Muslim “refugees” into the country.  By any measure, there would be no way to vet such a group, and especially given the numbers of potential violent jihadis above.  Since we know for sure some real bad actors will definitely slip in, the analogy of the bowl of candy is perfect; only a "few" pieces of the candy are deadly, how many do you want or would you give to your children...?!   

When moderator Joseph Brownlee did finally open the session to the questions he’d received, the two or three he obviously cherry picked were certainly the most softball inquiries asked and he did not bother to mention that the answers mostly did not address the question at hand.

In fact, when the question of citing the Pledge of Allegiance was brought up; meant as a loyalty question I might add, Mr. Ruiz jumped in citing his service in the military, and then launching into a long tirade which had nothing to do with the question.  Mr. Ruiz also inferred that many Muslims serve protecting those of us asking the questions; and yes many Muslims do serve honorably Mr. Ruiz, but sadly some do not.  For example, Hasan Nidal of Ft. Hood infamy; Hasan Akbar who murdered several of his comrades at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait with grenades and a rifle, to name a couple.  Let’s not forget that before his death, Yemeni Cleric Anwar al Awlaqi urged all Muslims serving in the US Army to follow Hasan Nidal’s lead.  

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the commentary by FAU Professor and advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled MSA, Bassem Al Halabi, when he endorsed chopping off hands as proper punishment for certain crimes.  You’re probably saying come on, he didn’t say that…?! Yes he did, listen for yourself here.  When this is the sort of academic is allowed to teach our young at FAU and across the nation, I am correct when I often say that we are in grave danger.

If FAU and the State of Florida want to be fair minded, they need to follow this event up with a dais made up of people with opposing views such as Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Tom Trento, Pamela Geller, and Allen West; to name a few.  Maybe Yours Truly or Wild Bill for America could moderate that unlikely event.  Unlikely on two counts; the perfect timing of the end of the school year and FAU has demonstrated its liberal stripes.

Rest assured, the First Amendment would not be stifled, and much more time for a live Q & A session would be allowed.

One final note; on the way out, I noticed a table dedicated to “CAIR” doling out lots of that organization’s literature.  My question about the presence of that group in light of what I shared above is why it should be allowed in the first place, and why one of their lawyers, Mr. Ruiz, was on the dais..?