US Sen. Nelson uncertain about Orlando shooter motive...

Written by Tom Trento on . Posted in National News

In a classic case of liberal confusion, US Senator Bill Nelson is uncertain about the motives behind the massacre in Orlando.

Tom Trento of the United West and a Breitbart affiliate reported the following;

"Senator Bill Nelson of Florida reiterated to reporters in front of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub Sunday night that the shooter responsible for the deadliest mass murder in American history at that club Sunday morning was a “lone wolf,” and he could not confirm “with certainty” that Islamic jihadist ideology led the shooter to perform his crime.

“It’s hard to be 100 percent when you are dealing with a lone wolf,” Senator Nelson told reporters before being approached by Tom Trento of the United West, who asked the Senator plainly whether “the ideology of Islamic jihad” drove Omar Saddiqui Mateen to attack the club during LGBT pride month...."

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