Hillary’s Dangerous Football Field…

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Politics

As most people who know me well can tell you, I like most sports, but I’m not what you’d call a regular, diehard fan of any team or sport.  Having said that, I must admit that being from Boston originally, I do enjoy seeing the Patriots win; but I digress.  

The reason I decided to dust off my keyboard today was to discuss the situation at the “Hall of Fame Game.”  Apparently, someone used the wrong kind of paint and the field has been rendered unsafe to play on.  They are investigating and trying to find out who is responsible; “Big Football,” as well as much of the nation has their collective underwear all bunched up over this “tragedy.”  Untold millions of dollars will be lost, game parties will have to be cancelled, and who knows how many tons of Doritos and other snacks will go to waste..?  When they do find the culprit, he/she/they will be publicly embarrassed and ostracized, and no doubt be looking for employment the next day.  

And that all sucks…!

I actually have a lot of empathy to the grounds keeping department because as egregious as this may be in the world of Football and Sports, it pales in comparison to the state of our nation and world, and I really wish that more people would talk about and stay focused on that.

I also cannot help but notice the extreme lopsided nature of this reality; we now have some grounds crew people that are going to be hurting soon and almost certainly fired while at the same time we have a candidate for president whose crimes are too numerous to list all of them in this space, the gravity of which affects each and every one of us and our families.  

A woman who abandoned our people in Benghazi and lied to their grieving family members; who is behind rigged elections, who collaborates with known enemies for personal gain; who is at the top of one of the biggest criminal organizations, (the Clinton Foundation) in recent history; who the FBI director said did a lot of things that were wrong but he wouldn’t suggest she be prosecuted; who put every single American in jeopardy with those same casually handled emails, then and in the future, whether she is elected or not.

The cancellation of this game tonight disappointed a lot of people, but no one was or will be hurt, however Hillary Clinton is running on a very dangerous political football field for the ultimate end zone run; and if she scores, a lot of people will be hurt for generations.

America, it’s time to stay focused, clear the political football field, and see justice served on this enemy of the state and her team.