Concerning Gary Johnson...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

I know a guy named Ryan, it isn’t necessary to use his last name because this is not so much directed at him as it is an open letter to everyone who, like him, is considering casting a vote for Gary Johnson.  

Look, all you “Ryans,” I get it; you can’t stand the other two candidates so I’ll only elaborate a little on each of them because you already know why you can’t stand them.  However, you are too smart not to recognize that one of them IS going to be the next POTUS.  

Also please consider that one of them has been on a major crime spree for decades and has been virtually raping our system of government; she represents everything that is wrong about America and everything that can and will get worse about America.  

Under her presidency, the entire judicial system would face an irreversible swing to the left; because it isn’t just the SCOTUS that would be affected, it is all the other Federal Judgeships she would appoint.  The radical legislating from the bench would far outlive her presidency and her life, and the US Constitution would be reduced to a no longer relevant, quaint old document.

Under her presidency, all of the people, foreign and domestic, that she has taken donations from through her foundation would be given free rein to do as they please.

Under her presidency, our military will complete its already rapid decline, our outrageous ROE would continue to get our men and women in uniform killed, our cities will become havens for countless thousands of the very people, disguised as “refugees” who want to do us great harm.  

Under her presidency, with the help of her judicial appointments, your right and ability to protect yourself from those “refugees” and other criminals who won’t obey her anti-gun agenda could very well be stripped away.  And I can imagine a “Clinton America” where our police would themselves be disarmed. 

Under her presidency, her egregious carelessness as witnessed by her national security damaging handling of emails so secret that they cannot even be presented to the open Congressional panel investigating her, will find us at the mercy of enemies who are already circling like vultures.  Make no mistake, she put all of the “Ryans,” and all of their children and families in grave danger; grave danger that has yet to really be manifested by enemies who have access to what was contained in those emails, and they are merely waiting for the right moment and opportunity to strike.     

Under her presidency, all of the failed policies of the current administration and more will not only continue, they will be expanded.

Under her presidency, taxes would increase to unparralelled levels, and the middle class, made up of a lot of “Ryans” would completely disappear. 

I could go on and on, but I think you all get the picture. 

On the other hand we have a very successful, if narcissistic, sometimes brash businessman who tells it like it is whether the listener and the “party” like it or not.

Under his presidency, the hands of our military will be untied and our enemies will once again think twice before attacking us.

Under his presidency, our borders will become much less porous; not overnight, but rapidly and permanently.

Under his presidency, the rule of law will return and criminals, very likely including people like his opponent, will be prosecuted.

Under his presidency, business will improve dramatically, countless jobs will return to places where they have been long gone, and the national debt would finally start to be reigned in.

Under his presidency, the failed ACA would be disassembled and a workable plan involving the free market would be set in place.

Under his presidency, the unlawful acts of the current administration would be reversed.

Under his presidency, common sense may not be so uncommon.

I could list a lot more items “under his presidency,” but I think once again you get my point. 

Now “Ryan,” regarding Gov. Johnson; as I’ve written about beforeI had the mind numbing experience of meeting him during the last election cycle.  The setting was one of many dinner gatherings in the area for the candidates to put forward their ideas.  We were “blessed” to have the Gov. speak to our group, and after he was done, he foolishly opened the floor to questions. I say foolishly because if one doesn’t have answers, one shouldn’t take questions.

I asked him two questions; the first was in response to his statement that one way he’d reduce federal spending would be to lower the rates paid to construction workers on federal projects.  Having a background in construction, I asked him how he planned on getting that idea past the unions to which he mumbled a mostly inaudible response.

Then, since no one else was interested in asking him a question, I asked how he felt about sharia law being used in US Courts and the overall threat of islamic terror.  His answer, and you can’t make this stuff up, was that he believed we should always stand with Israel.  Naturally, I interrupted him to inform him that I hadn’t asked him about that, and repeated my question; to which he said, loosely paraphrased, “I’m not aware of sharia law being used anywhere in America.”  At that point, the very well informed crowd broke into jeers and shouts of “what about” this and that.

And then, unknown to me at the time, Mark Campbell of The United West caught up to him the very next day and asked him questions along the same lines; his answers, which you can view here showed just how dangerously uninformed this man is.

So for all the “Ryans” out there, I’ll offer this; the reality of what I said above is that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS, and while I recognize you are all sick of hearing that your vote for Gov. Johnson is in reality a vote for her, it is never the less true.  

Your candidate cannot and will not win, and he knows it.  In fact, I actually believe it is possible, if not likely, that he is on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation.

My closing thought is this.  Consider what I’ve had to say, especially if you are younger and have children.  Can you actually look those children in the face and say, “daddy” or “mommy” voted for a man we knew in our heart of hearts couldn’t win, even if we really somehow believed he was more qualified, and by doing so aided and allowed arguably the most dangerous woman on the world political stage to be elected to the most powerful office on the planet…?!

“Ryan,” I really don’t care about me; I care about you and all of the “Ryans” and all of your children, my own grandchildren, and what the future holds for them.  There has never been a more important election in our history, and the stakes have never been higher.  Please choose wisely.

We simply cannot allow this woman become our president…!