Are You Ready For "What If...?"

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Business/Finance

At a time when we see and hear about things going crazy on a daily basis; insane storms and natural disasters of Biblical proportions, the very real threat of external and internal attack, EMP’s, and other horrific scenarios such as economic collapses, we have to be ready for the “what if.”

You don’t own insurance for your home, car, business, health and life because you really want to; you own it because you want to be ready to protect yourself and your family, and you know it is better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.  You probably own a gun or several for the same reasons..!  

So what if you woke up tomorrow and you notice that there are no lights on, your computer won’t turn on, your cell phone is either dead or if you’re among the few lucky ones, scratchy at best.  Then you take a walk outside and notice some of your neighbors wandering about experiencing the same thing, all wondering what might be going on.  Next you decide to jump in your car to take a drive and check the surrounding area; and just as your neighbors are soon to find out about their own cars, it won’t start..!  Right about then you notice that no electronic devices are working anywhere.

Maybe someone hears something on a ham radio or something like that, and maybe you start getting some sketchy details that something really bad has happened.  Whatever authorities that might be around aren’t saying much, if anything and maybe you hear the constant drone of emergency sirens in the distance, and/or see plumes of smoke from fires.  Suddenly you might be starting to consider that maybe the proverbial “stuff has hit the fan.” 

Perhaps things aren’t quite that apocalyptic and it’s “only” a severe natural disaster such as we all witnessed recently in Louisiana, or maybe you’re one of the hundreds of thousands who just got a real scary reminder of what can happen from Hurricane Matthew and the bullet that was dodged in South Florida.  For the most part, we got lucky this time.

Do you know what you would do when an emergency like that hurricane actually does hit land..?  Do you have a plan..?  

Do you have any way of protecting yourself and your loved ones, and maybe help a neighbor..?  Do you have any sort of dry food or water supply, or a way to purify any water source you might happen upon..?  Have you stocked up on things like flashlights, batteries (which may not work) blankets, guns and ammo, MRE’s, fuel or any of the other things you might need..?  Do you have a meeting place set up or know of a place to retreat to..?  If cash should become worthless as in other places, do you have a means of tangible trade such as some sort of precious metal coins, ammo, alcohol, or other items that could become immediate currency..? You may have even discussed the possibility of such a scenario with friends in the past, and maybe you know one or two families that are “preppers” and have been impressed with their on the spot readiness.  The question still remains however; are you ready…?

If the answer to all or most of those questions is no, you really need to start thinking about it, because the reality is that while we all hope things will never deteriorate like that or a that a killer storm won’t actually land in your area, it is not a matter of if, it is really a matter of when, and you don’t want to be found lacking at a critical moment when seconds count.

My friends, you do not need to be unprepared, and you do not need to outlay a ton of money to get ready. If you visit your local “big box” outdoor sporting goods store you’ll see a number of individual emergency “bug out” items.  For the most part, you’ll find that to learn about and stock up on enough of the most important items could take months or years as you learn what you need to get and what you can do without. If you opt for one of the “bug out” packages that these stores carry, you will likely find them inadequate and priced well over a thousand dollars.

You’re going to need things like a small solar charging panel and devices that can be used with it, a real compass or two, a tent and a sleeping bag, a sharp hatchet and knife, a machete, a good fire starter, a sling shot capable of bringing down small game if you don’t have a gun, some compact fishing gear, a good first aid kit, and other assorted items; and you need it to be as compact and lite as possible.  

Enter the Ready Network.

The Ready Network is devoted to offering everything I’ve described above and a whole lot more for when the time comes to “bug out” or even if you simply want to go camping and enjoy the beauty of nature with friends and family for a weekend.  The only thing not included for obvious reasons is any sort of firearm; which I personally would suggest for anyone to add along with at least some MRE’s which will be available soon.  They also offer a great way to make some extra part time dollars or even a whole lot of dollars by sharing the products with your family and friends.

I invite you to visit the Ready Network website here to learn more about the product line and opportunity, and call with any questions.  Don’t keep putting it off; if you’re like many people, you’ve waited and thought about this long enough; the time to do something about it is now before the next whatever hits.