An Easy Choice In Florida's 18th US Congressional District...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Politics

I just finished watching an agonizing hour or more of clips of which you can view the complete version here, or a shorter clip herefeaturing the two candidates running for Florida’s 18th US Congressional District seat.  Yes, I know there are really three, but in reality the very soft spoken and pleasant Carla Spaulding is merely an also ran involved in a race that is light years beyond her ability to win.  If I had to guess, I would say she was placed in the race by the Perkins team.  BTW, here is the response of a veteran from Texas to Mr. Perkins.

I say agonizing because throughout the video, the Democrat candidate Randy Perkins, who obviously cannot control his very annoying and overbearing personality, and was allowed to rant and rave unrestrained by the moderators, did nothing but attempt to talk over, discredit, and otherwise challenge the integrity and honesty of the always cool and collected Republican candidate Brian Mast.  

Amazingly, after almost an hour of spewing his standard Democrat tripe and trying to get a sound bite out of Brian Mast, when asked who he supports for president, Mr. Perkins responded by saying he supports Hillary Clinton.  Imagine that; a man like Brian Mast has his integrity and honesty questioned by a man who supports her, a woman incapable of telling the truth about anything..?!  Forget that he said during the video that he would turn the switch to print money for seniors if necessary, as if printing money is something new for Democrats; does anyone really need to know anything more about a candidate that supports Hillary Clinton…?!  

On the other hand, Republican candidate Brian Mast maintained his very professional demeanor at all times and never once attempted to rudely speak over Mr. Perkins.  Brian’s obvious command of the issues and how he is prepared to tap into his military experience to tackle them speaks volumes for the man and his qualifications for this seat.

I will leave this for now with an open question to Mr. Perkins.  After your failed attacks on Brian Mast and subsequent spoken support of Hillary Clinton, who do you think you’re kidding…?

The seat you are seeking is being vacated by the man who took it after what was arguably the most contentious case of voter “abuse,” (I’m being kind) this writer has ever witnessed, and who will hopefully be searching for private sector work right after the election.  The only real difference I see between you and that bottom feeding rat is your age.