Bare Knuckles Mr. Trump...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Politics

A short and simple, open note to Donald Trump regarding tomorrow evening’s debate.  

We the People are in your corner Mr. Trump and we’ve got your six all the way to Election Day and your swearing in ceremony.  Go in there tomorrow and let her have it between the eyes, one issue at a time.  Be professional, but don’t hold back any punches; don’t leave anything in the tank.  Also, don’t be afraid to bring up anything embarrassing or laughable; and absolutely throw the knockout punch if and when she drops her guard for that split second.  Stay away from the school yard antics and just use straightforward facts delivered as only you can.  That will bloody her nose perfectly and win the day.  

During the last cycle, we had a milquetoast, non-candidate that none of us really liked on that stage that was afraid to throw a punch, and he got his butt handed to him by a far lessor man, both on the stage and in November.  

Tomorrow night, you can and should win a lot of undecideds and even win over many more of her zombies.  You can do this; tens of millions of us will be watching, rooting, and praying.

Here’s to your landslide victory in November Mr. President.