Have Yourself A Very "Ready" Christmas...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Florida News

By a show of hands, how many are finished with their Christmas shopping...?  There’s a few out there.  Now by another show of hands, how many thought we hadn’t passed Labor Day yet, let alone get started with Christmas shopping…?  

That’s what I thought; lots of hands all over America just went up.

Many of you have joined the millions who now shop almost exclusively on line, and like many, you may be unsure what to get for some or most of the people on your list.  

A lot of people have been talking about being ready and getting ready for “what if.” In reality, it isn’t a matter of what or if, it is a matter of “when.”  And not just when there is a need to be prepared, but also when you might want to take the family and some friends to enjoy the great outdoors together and maybe learn how to build a fire, pitch a tent, and a lot of the other things one might have to or desire to do outside.

Enter the Ready Network for all of your “prepper” and camping needs.  The Ready Network has everything from a portable Solar Charger for use with cell phones, computers, and other small appliances to water filtration, several fire starters, single person tents and sleeping bags, first aid kits, rechargeable lanterns, and too many other items to list here.  All can be purchased individually or you may opt for an entire fitted out bag that has everything.

The prices range from less than half of the least expensive alternative to well over three times our price by places like Cabela’s.

So if you know a "prepper" or want to become one, or if you simply want to spend more time camping with family and friends, please visit us at  and shop our secure website.  Everything is drop shipped right from our warehouse in Jupiter, FL and all will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas.

We are also looking for business minded Independent Distributors around the country, and you can learn more about that at the website as well, or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Happy shopping and have yourself a very “Ready” Christmas.