President Trump's Legacy...

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

I have been loosely watching and listening to the Inaugural Events via friends who are there, news reports, and social media, and a really cool thought struck me.  When Ronald Reagan was sworn in back in 1981, I was twenty-six years old and just getting started out in life.  A lot of changes took place in my life during his presidency, not the least of which was the birth of my son; and my son grew up watching President Reagan, at least enough to form an opinion.  That opinion was one that has lasted to this day; my son loved him and still admires his legacy.

Remembering that, it occurs to me that my grandchildren as well as all of the sons and daughters and grandchildren around the country and to a large degree, the rest of the world will “grow up” with President Trump at the helm.  I won’t get to meet more than a handful of those young people; however I will be interested to watch and listen to see if they grow up respecting and admiring President Trump as much as many Americans still revere President Reagan. 

I think it is very cool that we very likely have a new hero for them to look up to and I can only hope that my vision and that of so many more who supported this man can indeed look back one day and say “I miss Trump” the way many of us now still say “I miss Reagan.”

Mr. President, beginning the restoration of this nation will be your legacy to our children, and it will take many more years than your time in office.  I don’t envy you your task nor will I always agree with how you approach it, but I always have and always will respect you.  

Lay down a great foundation for recovery and pave the way for those who will follow you by making sure the wrong people are removed and replaced with the right people.  

Godspeed to you Mr. Donald J. Trump, the forty-fifth President of these United States of America.