Schumer Drowns His Own Words In Crocodile Tears

Written by Dawn Ellen on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s Note:  From time to time, I get wind of something written by my friend Dawn Ellen and she is gracious enough to allow me to publish it on these pages.  

Like too few other private citizen activists who are doing their part to expose those who would continue to ruin this great nation, Dawn doesn’t mince words and says exactly what she and many others are thinking. Her brief open letter below is directed at Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck, “Crocodile Tears” Schumer in response to his shameful display when discussing President Trump’s EO temporarily banning refugees from seven specific countries.  The recent words of this man are all the more shameful given that he essentially said the same thing back in 2015.

I could not agree with Dawn or President Trump more.

Dawn Ellen:

Dear Senator Schumer,

Where were your tears when Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty were murdered by Islamic terrorists in the name of ‘allah’?

Where were your tears, after 14 people were slaughtered in San Bernardino in the name of ‘allah’?

Where were your tears after the slaying of 49 people at the Pulse Club in Orlando in the name of ‘allah’?

Where were your tears, when ISIS crucified, tortured, drowned burned, hung, raped and buried alive Christian men, women and children in the name of ‘allah’?

Your tears are politically convenient. How odd that you ‘wept’ because some Moslems were merely detained for hours. It’s not as if they were tortured, raped or murdered. It seems your tears fail to flow for those who have suffered horrible torture and death in the name of ‘allah’. Stop faking anguish and heartache for mere inconvenience and try mustering up some genuine love, concern and tears for the brutal slaughter of hundreds of millions of Christians, Jews and people of other faiths for ‘allah’s’ sake.

For me personally, I found your ‘faux tears’ to be quite offensive. You sir, should be ashamed.