President Successful...

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Publisher’s Note:  I have several friends on Facebook who are GSM’s, all of whom are just amazing women. One of them, Lee Ann, posted the following message by a friend of hers

Lee Ann:  A dear friend who is an Immigrant, and she wanted me to put an emphasis on "Legal," would like me to share this with everyone.

Please take a moment to read.  Everyone has their views and I respect others posts, please respect mine.

Her Friend:  To all “Never TRUMPers:”  I am a legal immigrant who came into this country the legal way.  I never cared for Donald Trump and I thought he was very shallow, but that's not the case at all!

Have you ever read his book “The Art Of The Deal..?”

I always saw him as a very brassie arrogant man.  Now I see that he's very focused on his assignment..! When he announced he was running for the Presidency I decided to research his views on things.  The more I found out about him the more I started changing my opinion.

My thoughts about him were, “we have a country that's messed up and a successful businessman wanting to make things right again.”  I knew that he would surround himself with the right people to do the job right. He was never a 'carpenter' but he built the most wonderful buildings in the world and completed many projects under budget and on time, just to mention a few of his abilities that are very important in politics.

The more the globalists and the mainstream media (which is under the globalist payroll) attacked him, the more I liked him and what he represents.

All the bold statements that he has made during his campaign have been true..! I have done my homework..!

He's not politically correct, he's just correct.  The point comes across loud and clear and the American public stood by him. The more he was attacked the higher his numbers went.  The globalists tried to kill his campaign and even today they're trying to kill the President of the United States.

Their plan is, they remain on top and the rest of the public, their slaves..!  They'll use any measure to secure this..!  He stood flat on his feet and said, “Not in my country you will not..!”

To most of us it looked like he was on a suicide path. It takes a very courageous man to do this..!  Regardless of what the mainstream media portrays him as, he has done more in three weeks for this country than any other President before him..!

Speaking about progress, he's not being given any choice but to stand firm on his agenda and keep on getting this country out of trouble..!  This is no time for political correctness..!

It's time to fix the country..!