Legislating Sanctuary Racism In Illinois

Written by Jesus Alaniz on . Posted in Guest Articles

Letter to the Editor, 

HB0426, a humane act proposed by Springfield, IL politicians Emanuel Welch, Ann Williams, Elizabeth Hernandez, Kathleen Willis, Gregory Harris, Thaddeus Jones, Silvana Tabares, Kelly Cassidy and Theresa Mah. As a Latino I’m offended that politicians use my race, heritage and my people for political gain and to shame Anglos and other Americans who oppose their bills into silence.  I have nothing but the utmost contempt for these nine malefactors’ attempt to turn American against American.  May God forgive them, for I cannot.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the consequences of making Chicago and Illinois a sanctuary state are many.

There are many laws an illegal must break in order to succeed in the United States; among them, have an identity card and a social security number.  On August 30, 2016, Washington Times reporter Stephen Dinan reported that the IRS had discovered that illegals had stolen more than 1 million social security numbers and despite five years of trying to remedy the problem they never bothered to tell the taxpayers.  

A Safe Smart Living article citing various sources stated that in 2014, more than 1 billion records containing personally identifiable information were leaked.  Medical identity theft is on the rise with 500,000 victims in 2014 alone.  In 2014, $5.8 billion was given to identity thieves from the IRS due to fraudulent returns.  The number one consumer complaint to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2014 was identity theft.  It has ranked 1st place for 15 years running.  Children are susceptible to identity theft because they’re under 18 so their credit is not being monitored.  It is estimated that 19 people become victims of identity theft every minute and the average victim can expect to spend $500 dollars and 30 hours on average resolving each identity theft crime.

Friedrich August von Hayek, a Nobel Laureate of Economic Sciences noted, “The history of government management of money has, except for a few short happy periods, been one of incessant fraud and deception” and such is this act, “HB0426.”  On Feb 2, 2017 Forbes reported that taxpayers are doling out $27 billion to sanctuary cities with Chicago being one of the top three recipients.  “Coincidentally” all of the bill’s sponsors are from or nearby Chicago.  This shameless & racist bill is designed to make IL Gov. Rauner look bad and to abscond taxpayer money through a “legislative process”.

--Jesus Alaniz