Outrageous Outrage Over Gen. Flynn

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Sybele's Point Of View

To everyone outraged with General Flynn...spare me!

Where was your outrage when Americans died in Benghazi as the result of a bad gun deal and Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Obama all lied that the attack was the result of a ridiculous video?

Where was your outrage when Obama was caught on a hot mic saying that “after the elections he would have more flexibility” to the then Russian President?

Where was your outrage when 400 million dollars in cash was sent to Iran in the middle of the night without Congress knowing about it?

Where was your outrage when Hillary made a deal with Russia selling 20% of our uranium production after her husband was paid half a million dollars to speak in Russia?

Where was your outrage when prisoners released from GITMO returned to the battle field to kill Americans?

Where was your outrage when leaked emails showed that Hillary was working on an oil deal for a friend in Libya so Qaddafi had to be killed for that to happen? This one didn't even make the news, I might have been one of the few people who took the time to search through the emails and found this little pearl.

We had the most treasonous administration ever for 8 years and the media was complicit by either hiding or minimizing the gravity of the facts.

So please take your selective outrage and.... you know what to do.