The Cult Called Progressive Leftism

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Sybele's Point Of View

The progressive left only exists to further globalism, it falsely proclaims to defend the interest of minorities and the less fortunate.

Is this statement just my opinion?

In a way yes, but this opinion is the result of some hard observation.  One would think that Countries that have very little in common in terms of culture and demographics require political activism tailored to their needs.

The population of Brazil, Sweden, Germany, England, and the US are very different. Their economy is different, their culture is different.

But one thing is exactly the same....the progressive left.  Exactly the same agenda regardless of demographics, how is that possible?

Some will say that some basic principles apply everywhere, which is true.  But some don't.  In Brazil 43% of the population is multi- racial; not a place where people care what color you are, yet the progressive left insists that they are racists.  In Sweden and Germany they are already socialists so the progressive left now wants them to spread the wealth across the world and keep inviting foreigners into their robust welfare system. How does that benefit their own citizens?  Answer, it doesn't. 

The undeniable fact, if you take the time to observe different cultures and their politics, is that the progressive left carries an agenda that does nothing to benefit the citizens of the countries in which they operate.  They have a fail proof strategy that is easily applied to any country with any demographic...use compassion and kindness as a tool to convince people to give up their own prosperity, identity and safety, making them less self-sufficient more vulnerable and more dependent on the government.

A world without borders is the ultimate goal of the progressive left, one that can only be achieved if the identity of every culture is erased.  Definitely not an agenda that has each individual in mind; the biggest scam in world history!

It is amazing what one can convince people to do by using compassion as the logical argument.  To me the progressive left uses the Cult Evangelist technique; tell them that to go to heaven they need to give up all that is important to them and give it to the pastor, the pastor will then bless them and they will reap the benefits after they die while the pastor lives a life of luxury right here in front of their noses and they never, ever, question his intentions..!

Think about that..!