Becoming An American The Old Fashioned Way...

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Sybele's Point Of View

I came to America when I was 20 years old, legally.

Not because life didn't offer any opportunities where I grew up; in fact, I would probably have had a much easier life there due to who my father was. And I could have chosen any Country in Europe as my new home also because of my Italian Citizenship, but I chose the US because of what it represented in terms of freedom.

I didn't want to be my father's shadow, I wanted to achieve things on my own and I knew I could do it here. 

I also saw the government at the time as being more honest, at least more than most Countries, and that mattered to me.

The legal process was lengthy and expensive, but it gave me even more appreciation for the privilege of becoming an American Citizen. So no, I do not support open borders and the let's just take anyone in ideology...what is freely given isn't appreciated.

My English was limited but within 6 months I was fluent and kept working to improve; and why?  Because no one around me spoke anything but English, which I expected and had no problem adapting to since it was my choice to move to a foreign Country.

So no, I do not support schools, public establishments, or businesses having to offer options in languages, that's why there are people that have been here for 20 years and still can't make a full sentence in English, it’s pathetic..!

Boy, how things have changed..!  And for the worse, not better.

How can you call progress an ideology that is turning this country into the disorganized, chaotic, politically corrupt, inefficient, bankrupt system applied in every 3rd world country I've ever been to..?!

We can blame the media all day long, but the truth is that the real blame lies with the people who make no effort to think for themselves and embrace the path of victimization because it's much easier to blame your surroundings than search for the blame within.