Rome To Sodom And Gomorrah, The Decline of Western Culture...

Written by Felicia Anderson on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s Note:  As my regular readers know, I am not shy when it comes to railing about the decline of our culture at every level, and I have my share of detractors because of it.  Additionally, from time to time, I come across different posts on various social media which align with my thinking.

The following article written by Felicia Anderson; a reader and long-time friend says it better than I’ve said it in a while.  It’s a bit longer than most, but every word is carefully crafted to point the reader to a real truth.  I used to say “we are Rome” due to the depths of immorality we have ascended to, however we are fast becoming Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Felicia Anderson:  Our Crumbling Moral Culture:  "The obfuscation of rational thought is denigrating our entire country."

After viewing an absurd post, I became enraged over the country and the acceptability of the inane and obscene in this country pushed by the left and a media immersed in an immoral agenda instead of fact.  The left continues to pollute every ounce of decency and sanity in this country via obliterating rational thought, science, decency, and truth in our culture.  

Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, the bible of the “Progressive Obliterators” in this country, have pushed false narratives so far that indoctrinated minds are now accepting pure obscenity as acceptable virtue and truth in this country.  If you hear a lie often enough, it becomes your truth and reality.

How perverted can we become..?  We will continue to pervert our culture as long as we allow sinister minds to re-write our history, corrupt truth and science, and remove God and all decency and morality.

The hypocrisy is beyond contempt as the left collaborates with an Islamic governmental ideology based on Sharia Law subjugating women at all levels and promoting the murder and destruction of infidels, especially Jews and Christians.  The two opposing ideologies cannot co-exist under rational thought.  We view the news with numb minds as Iran, the leading financial supporter of terrorism, receives billions in cash from the United States and then marches formally in huge numbers in the streets chanting "Death to America;" and we as Americans accept this..?!  The ban on entry into our country by a government so morally corrupted is somehow illegal..?! How about, it's rational for security…!

The vagina bonnets and their absurdity of Nasty Women distracted from the actual collaboration they had with women connected to terrorist organizations, and as well, fueled by the belief that a baby is not a baby until it is born.  This narrative is now acceptable because they pushed their former agenda for so long that it became acceptable.  Abortion became acceptable until certain times and under certain conditions.  Now the narrative is being pushed so far that human beings can now be murdered without any remorse or disregard for LIFE up until delivery..?!  

My daughters were born at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 10 lbs. 1 1/2 oz. and I know they could survive on their own long before delivery.  When we remove God and all morality we begin to denigrate our society by chipping away at decency, truth, moral behavior and acceptable, rational actions.  The push is so severe that there is now more concern and emotional support for animals than actual human intervention and connections. 

Of course, this was the initial design of the UN Agenda 21 (United Nations) and their nefarious design of a global world with a defined population and animals ruling the nest (excuse the pun).  The fines for harming animals can be more severe than the murder of innocent human life.  Additionally, social redistribution of wealth - set to bring down western societies economically to redistribute their wealth to other populations was a fundamental basis.  

The removal of private property; our ability to create wealth via equity, remains a huge part of it.  The wetlands cases insanely fining innocent private landowners and farmers are a prime example.  Have you noticed the increase of youthful college debt now controlled and run by the federal government and the push for everyone to attend college..?!  This was most likely by design and not an accident. 

Another illegal alien with five deportations and felonies just killed another innocent human being, yet I'll bet a brutal puppy death would even now draw more concern, because our acceptable norms are being corrupted by numbing faux narratives.

Even Global Warming and Climate Change were part of the UN Agenda 21.  The UN and globalists want control and therefore pushed for the ability to tax the world via carbon emissions and other narratives.  Ask yourself, if Climate Change is truly going to destroy the planet, why isn't the world vehemently going after the true polluters of the world with a tenacious vengeance to make them fix it immediately..?! For God's sake, if we're going to be underwater, isn't there extreme urgency? 

Destroying the planet sounds pretty serious to the average person without argument, but I missed that news story with the world leaders going after China and India.  Traffic was shut down for days prior to the Olympics in China just to clear the fog and allow in fresh air for the athletes.  My friend visiting India with the intent to photograph their famous beach sunset was so distracted by the sand utterly decimated by sewage and fecal matter that escaping the stench and vile image became the new mission.

How do the United Nations, Globalist Progressives and others achieve their goals and inane ideology..?  If you remove God and promote secularism, you can now alter the world legally with a false morality, that’s how. Forms of government become the faux morality and replace religion.  Now you can control population sizes like China, and the 13+ million abortions there per year become acceptable to culture and to a Godless, immoral society.  Without God, our Constitution and our founding principles crumble like a house of cards. Government then replaces religion and God, morality, and human decency with secularism.

Journalism once based on just facts and truth seeking is now subverted and masked by agenda to sway opinion in one direction.  Money and control rule the networks and as long as people refuse to seek truth for themselves, question, and go after the false narratives presented.  Our culture and society becomes submissive and diminished by the acceptance of false narratives instead of truth.

The focus of education should be creating a lifelong learner.  We need to continue to question motives and fight against the absurdity and obscene denigration of our culture and country.  Freedom of speech doesn't mean accepting immorality and the denigration of our culture, it means they have a right to put it out there, but we don't have to blindly accept it.  If their feelings are hurt, so be it.  Our culture is being brought down purposefully with a political correctness that is suppressing the First Amendment Rights of decent individuals with moral convictions.  If they stifle you, they win.

Today I witnessed propaganda trying to educate young minds that men menstruate and lactate like women. Our rational minds tell us otherwise, so why would a publishing company even publish such material..? Twenty years ago, any publishing company would have thrown such crazy people out of their offices and laughed over it for days because the concept is so ludicrous.  Now they publish it..?! Ask yourself why..?  The insanity continues on so many irrational levels that we are numb and beginning to accept the destructive forces with their lies, their obscenity, their immorality, and absurdity.

The obfuscation of rational thought is denigrating our entire country.  The real truth is simple. God provides our unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Period and Amen.