Phobia This...!

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Sybele's Point Of View

Publisher’s note:  Sybele Capezzutti has cranked out a two punch boxing match of a series.  This first jab is to sort of “tenderize” the reader with a softening, educational punch.  I’m going to let this one sink in for a few days, and then, just as the bruising is feeling a bit less tender, we'll release the round house, knock-out punch which is part two.  

That knock-punch should leave the opponents of her very common sense writing bloodied, reeling, and tossing in the towel.  

Sybele Capezzutti:  Let's pretend it's 1935; the Nazis don't look too bad and have a lot of support...yes, they are radical extremists that want a pure Aryan world, but how much damage could they do? 

Now let's say I'm a pacifist, multi-culturalist, kumbaya singing person in the mid 1930's; of course I would never label or profile anyone and I wouldn't want others to do it either..!  So, being very clever, I decide that the best way to avoid any retaliation against any individual that I am not sure subscribes to the Nazi agenda is to make people feel guilty if they do so...and I create the word "germanophobia." 

If you dare to be afraid of any Germans because you don't know if they support Hitler or not, you are now a "germanophobe."  What do you know..? It works great..!  No one wants to be a “germanophobe because lots of Germans are nice people..!  The fact that we have no clue which ones are Nazis and support the idea of a pure Aryan race and which ones are not should be irrelevant.  The fact that the real Nazis will torture people, use them as lab rats for experiments, kill babies with deformities (keep in mind they want a pure and superior race) should have no weight on my ability to love everyone, right..?  

It took the US 8 years to enter WW2; for 8 years we ignored Hitler and his atrocities, and we all know the result and how many people the Nazis tortured and killed in order to create a pure Aryan race.  If the term "germanophobia" sounds silly, it's because it is..!  As silly as the term "islamophobia."  

This is not about being afraid of a group, this is not about religion; this is about ideology, period.  Radical Islam is a thousand times more dangerous than Hitler ever was; it doesn't have just one head, but several.  It is spread all over the world, it is next door. Can we afford to take 8 years to wake up..?  This is not a time to play political games or say things that make you feel better about yourself. 

While we sit here pointing fingers at each other to see who is "compassionate" and who isn't, who is racist and who isn't, who is a bigot and who isn't.....Islamists are raping young and old women until they die from bleeding; they are killing their children and then feeding them their flesh, they are crucifying and beheading, they are killing disabled children and laughing at us because we're paralyzed by political correctness and self-righteousness.  Again...this is not about religion, it's about ideology. 

Wake up..! It's way past time..!