Progressively Fascist...

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Sybele's Point Of View

As an Independent I think both political parties leave much to be desired and it appears that their only goal is to promote division so we are too busy fighting each other to point fingers at them.

That being said; I have a much bigger problem with today's so called progressives than any other group in this country.

The word “progressive” is an adjective supposed to mean forward thinking; instead it has become the embodiment of illogical thinking and paradox.

If you are against religion having any influence in government, then why are you supportive of devout Muslims running for office and call it progress..?!  Aren't their beliefs going to affect their judgement the same way it would a devout Christian..?! 

Progressives hate pro-life activists for their beliefs because of the religious connection; for them, pro-lifers are against women's rights because they ignore the fact that a fetus is also a human being deserving of rights.  In other words, they choose to only afford rights to those who can already vote.

It gets better; when the same progressives, who are pro-abortion claiming women's rights as the logic behind it and their desire to keep religion separate from secular law, support the most barbaric and least forward thinking religion in the world calling for their constitutional right to "cling to their religion.”

Progressives will fight against devout Christians every step of the way based on their idea of separation of church and state, while defending sharia law just as vehemently based on freedom of religion.

As if that wasn't paradoxical enough, they've decided to add their own version of what constitutes freedom of speech to the pot.

This one is pretty simple though: anything that does not support their views is considered hate speech.

If you are a fiscal conservative and don't even care to talk about social issues but only want to promote fiscal responsibility, that's hate speech.  If you don't believe that government is the answer to all of our problems, that's hate speech.  If you think Islam has a serious problem that needs to be talked about rationally, that's hate speech.  If you think drug cartels are in cahoots with politicians and open borders has nothing to do with charity, that's hate speech.

And the list goes on.  But I think that the progressives’ new definition of fascism is what bothers me the most lately because too many good people have been duped into believing it.

Fascism is inherently loss of freedom; it does not belong to the right or the left, it can use either side as its vehicle.  Fascism is silencing ideas that are contrary to yours, it is removing any trace of history that doesn't support your thinking, and it is controlling speech, controlling actions, controlling diversity.  So, if progressives are pro diversity, why are they silencing the ones who are different from them..?!

When progressives created the "Antifa" (anti fascism) movement, they themselves became the fascists.  They are the ones silencing people by censuring and attacking. They are the ones forcing people to lose their jobs because of what they believe, beating people up on the streets for wearing a shirt they don't like, vandalizing cars for a bumper sticker supporting a cause they don't believe in.

Their approach to "progress" is total regression to public shaming, violence and intimidation, it is fascism.  Worse yet, it is terrorism.

The definition of terrorism is "The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."

The "progressive movement" is clearly heavily funded by those who have no interest in peace, because the elite thrive on chaos.

And what better way of promoting chaos than by infiltrating some paid pseudo human rights activists into a population..?  Sadly, it will get worse before it gets better..!

On the bright side, I know I'm not alone and there are millions of people out there who have been able to keep their ability to think logically and don't subscribe to political identity as their alternative brain.

The emotional being is only useful when the logical mind is in control.