Democrats Say Happy Birthday To America...

Written by Dawn Ellen on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s Note:  While deciding what to say about the new assault being launched on the President of the United States, I came across the following article written by a friend and occasional contributor to these pages by the name of Dawn Ellen. 

While nothing really surprises me anymore I am stunned by what I see happening in our nation.  For what seems like forever, the left tried unsuccessfully to frame him for some kind of collusion with the Russian Government.  This on the heels of the most treasonous administration in US History with real collusion with the Russians; remember, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility” spoken to Medvedev..?  That comment was caught on a “hot” mic while they were discussing critical issues. 

Let’s not forget Extortion 17, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, trading Bowe Berdahl for five of the worst in Gitmo, nearly destroying our military, and so many other treasonous acts committed by number forty-four.

So now, a handful of very seditious Democrat members of Congress are now attempting what will be a failed coup to oust our duly elected president using the Twenty-fifth Amendment and the ramifications to We the People if such a thing ever does take hold.  It is sad to think that as we prepare to celebrate America’s 241st birthday, we have members of congress that are attempting to destroy the office of the Presidency because this President does not kowtow to their leftist agenda; they must be stopped.

And that is where Dawn’s perfectly stated article below fills in the blanks.

Dawn Ellen:  Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) has proposed convening a ‘special committee of psychiatrists’ to determine if President Trump is fit to serve. This will be the first time Congress formed its own committee to judge a President's mental health. So far two dozen members of the House, all Democrats, have signed on to cosponsor the bill.

This is my warning to every Conservative. The greatest way to silence you is to declare you mentally incompetent or dangerous. This action reminds me of the Soviet Union when they declared all political opponents and dissidents to be insane and forced them to undergo psychiatric ‘care’.

This claim that President Trump is mentally unfit simply because his agenda threatens the Liberal radical views is strictly sideshow antics to distract from the real issues facing our Republic. Just because President Trump’s Twitter feed annoys liberals is no reason for a 25th Amendment impeachment action.
Once the ‘special committee’ is created, the House and Senate could, through a joint resolution, conduct an ‘examination’ to determine whether the President is incapacitated, either mentally or physically. The President can refuse to participate but it 'will be taken into consideration.'

U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment allows a majority of the President's cabinet, or 'such other body as Congress may by law provide,' to decide if the President is unable to carry out his duties and then to put it to a full congressional vote. If two-thirds majorities of the House and Senate agree the President is not able to discharge his duties, he will be dismissed.

The Constitution's framers provided for the replacement of a president with an 'inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the Office' but not for politically charged retaliation. They agreed 'inability' meant a President was 'unable to make or communicate his decisions' and/or suffers from a 'mental debility' rendering him 'unable or unwilling to make any rational decision.'

So what constitutes a ‘rational decision’? Agreeing with the Leftist agenda? Submitting to their radical views? In other words, anyone who defies and/or defeats the Left’s destructive agendas will be considered ‘unstable, irrational and/or mentally unbalanced.

This is dangerous territory considering that Liberals have made statements that Conservatives and Christians are mentally unstable and a threat to the nation. What if one day they declare you mentally dangerous and require you to undergo psychiatric care? You say to yourself, “That will never happen”. Guess again. Liberals are working feverishly day and night to find a way to permanently silence you and if in the future they ever get control of the House, Senate, Governorships and the White House mark my words, you will be declared mentally unfit and threat to society.