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Publisher’s Note:  Normally, I don’t find the need to open anything by Sybele Capezzutti with a comment of my own, however today I do have something to add, and it is this message to Linda Sarsour.

You have risen to prominence in Western Media through no other means than an all too willing and complicit leftist media who, like you and your brethren, desire nothing less than the total destruction of America, her values, and all Western Culture.  While, like any other right thinking American I am repulsed by everything you say and stand for, I am very glad to see you in the spotlight, because while you are duping a few lemmings, you are waking up vast numbers of Americans to the vile and evil nature of everything you stand for and what the true desired end game result of your “peaceful” religion is.

Newsflash Ms. Sarsour, we are on to you and yours, you have re-awakened the “sleeping giant” and you aren’t simply going to lose, you are going to be crushed and exterminated like the insects that you are.  You see, the “sleeping giant” is NOT the government or even the military of the United States; the “sleeping giant” is We the People, and if I were you, I’d check our history for what we do when we have had enough; and trust me, WE'VE HAD ENOUGH of you and your ilk.     

Sybele Capezzutti:  A message to Linda Sarsour:

So you call yourself a strong Muslim woman?!  Show me!  Instead of fighting our government in the effort to keep your traditions that promote submission of women, why don't you join brave women like Raheel Raza and Ayaan Hirsi Ali fighting against your culture of male dominance? 

Take off your hijab and tell your men that it is not okay to rape you because they can see your hair.  Go to your Imams and tell them that you want to sit in the same congregation with your male counterparts, that you will refuse to perform female genital mutilation on your little girls, that you will not allow your daughter to be given into marriage to an older man as soon as she reaches puberty, that you will not accept being beaten into submission by your husbands, that your word should be enough in a rape and not require five men to testify in your favor.

Be brave and confront these practices, teach young women to be strong and independent....that Ms. Sarsour, would be truly brave!

You see, we western women have fought for our rights, we believe in a God that sees us as equals to men, we demand a government that will recognize our freedom; so forgive me if I find you pathetic and see no bravery in your efforts to keep Muslim women submissive.

I feel sorry for you Ms. Sarsour, I really do!  You have embraced a culture that belittles women and think of yourself as being brave for protecting it.  But I am even sorrier for the millions of Muslim women that, thanks to you, will never be free from their chains, and the western women who you have managed to brainwash into accepting your culture of submission in the name of religious freedom.

Women in this Country and all over western civilization have fought for the rights you gladly give up, so please understand that we will not allow you or anyone like you to use “islamophobia” to intimidate us against your efforts to fight our government so Muslim women can remain submissive.

Remember the old saying "When in Rome, act like the Romans?”  You're in America; women here are free, act like an American.


A free, independent, and strong American woman.