Surrounded By Experts...?!

Written by Clarke J. Jones, Jr. on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s Note:  Clarke J. Jones, Jr. is one of the sharpest people I know.  He very often shares his viewpoint on various issues and this perfectly articulated commentary hits the nail on the head.  We thank him for allowing us to share with our readers.

Clark J. Jones, Jr.:  So everyone is an expert now? Everyone's perception of another ethnic group's motivations and transgressions is correct and accurate? Until you understand Alinsky, Gramsci, the Frankfort School and others along with history, to include recent Ukraine history, you haven't a clue.

The Left aka SOCIALIST, FASCIST, COMMUNIST, modern "PROGRESSIVES" are but branches of the same tree. The Left are masters at dividing by any means possible. They divide by class, ethnicity, religion, region, gender, culture, and guilt. Each group knowing just enough to feel justified in their own position.

Classic Communism was born in Germany, but like Islam spread quickly through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, to the largely uneducated, surf and peasant like masses. Like spaghetti sauce or chili, everyone has their own "perfect" recipe for a "socialist utopia."

However, every recipe for utopia leaves out key ingredients such as human nature, biology, and religion. So those that refuse to comply are either forced to comply or eliminated altogether, which repeats the never ending cycle of grievance.

NAZI is National Socialist Workers Party, Ba'ath (Saddam Hussein's political party) is Pan Arab Socialist and they were allied with and patterned by the NAZIs. The Communist Chinese, North Koreans, Khmer Rouge et al. are all versions of the same basic recipe. They all share common outcomes such as economic failure, impoverishment for the masses, oppression, and genocide. Marxism is a failed answer to thousands of years of feudalism throughout the world.

Only one system has been successful in its' displacement of feudalism, the American system devised by our founders of capitalism (free markets, personal property, and profit) combined with representative republicanism (individual liberty and a say in governance).The Left cannot tolerate our system as it shines a spotlight on the Left's inability to compete. However, Americans have become lazy and historically ignorant over the past 50 years. Our system like a bountiful garden requires maintenance and labor to be fruitful. Our laziness has allowed the Left to infiltrate our cultural infrastructure and they have exploited every sin, imagined and real of our founding and history. So like the victim seen defending themselves with no witness to the perpetrator's previous crime, it is easy to distort history to justify and comply with a perceived grievance. The Left is willing to pit its' own groups against each other to achieve a desired outcome. Which is why ANTIFA is both Communist and Fascist at the same time and are confrontational to other fascist groups.

The violence in Charlottesville, Va. was not initiated by the people genuinely concerned about the removal of historical markers and monuments or even the ethnic hate group of "white supremacist;" it was started by ANTIFA and BLM for the purpose of painting conservatives as "racist," discouraging them from attending such assemblies and demonstrations or even providing a pretext for the government to ban such demonstrations, assemblies, and free speech.

We are now in a very, very dangerous time in America. If the Left continues its' assault and the leadership we chose continues to cower we will relive a civil war or worse yet experience a genocidal purge such those in the Ukraine, Poland, China, and Cambodia. Because of ignorance or stupidity in selecting our leadership, we have been maneuvered into a three pronged attack from external and internal forces. Whether you want to accept it or not the Clintons, the Obamas are radical Marxist that have deliberately aided and enabled our enemies. There are others such as Republican establishment elitist who have sold out their nation's parochial interest such as the Bush family and John McCain.

It is critical, now more than ever if we are to survive, to put away our differences of which most are not of our making or are falsely perceived altogether. Whether you wish it or not we are at war. You can fight back, by first becoming informed and by being able to defend yourself or you can surrender to a great evil. I know my choice. I owe a better world to my children and grandchildren and I am of Norman and Saxon ancestry with a firm belief in the almighty.