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The Patriots Press is an excellent online news source for conservatives, Tea Party members, and people of faith who want to be informed and effective citizens but are no longer willing to rely on the liberal media.   Congratulations on this exciting new venture and God’s speed!      
  --- Ralph Reed, founder and chairman, Faith and Freedom Coalition


I met everyone at The Patriots Press in Florida recently, during a tour to promote my book "Barack Obama and the Enemies Within."  They impressed me with their boundless enthusiasm for the ideas of liberty - the concepts that made this country great.  When they told me about their new media project I was excited.

Like many, they recognize that liberty is threatened in this country, more than anything by a mainstream media that is negligent in exposing dangers to America's greatest values, and is often complicit in aiding freedom's enemies.

Fortunately, The Patriots Press are part of the very brave and committed few who have the commitment and courage to tackle this huge problem.  Telling the truth wasn't easy in first American Revolution, but patriots like Thomas Paine were equal to the challenge.  The unfolding second American Revolution also faces huge challenges in disseminating the truth.

The Patriots Press will play an important role in informing, and inspiring a new generation of American Revolutionaries.

In Liberty

Trevor Loudon


I am honored to be an occasional contributor to The Patriots Press, an alternative on-line source for conservative news.  Congratulations to  David whose passion for reporting will lend itself to providing information for the conservative cause.  I look forward to the occasional contribution and the success of TPP.

Congratulations patriots, you have a home for conservative news!

Starla Brown, consultant and author of FUNdamental Sports Blog.


"The Patriots Press is a much needed and timely source of information, encouragement and fun for everyone who loves the United States.  I've worked with them and they are top pros who put God and country first and will make a huge impact for good in America.  I heartily endorse their new project and look forward to contributing."

Bill Finlay, (aka, Wild Bill for America)


Intelligent men and women have great ideas every day but the problem is that so few follow up on them like you have with The Patriots Press.  With your commitment to conservative values and your willingness work hard, I am certain that The Patriots Press will prevail even in this fierce and unfriendly political environment.  We need solid communication sources for the truth.  We need The Patriots Press!

Pam Wohlschelegel, Palm Beach County Tea Party


“Jack and I and all of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale wish to extend our sincere congratulations and unending support as The Patriots Press launches the new website.  We know it will become a major source of strength and conviction as we fight together to save America and restore honor to her by exposing the Godless, moral decay of the Communist/Socialist factions within, and their fierce attempt to destroy American Capitalism and all other ancient boundaries that are unique and vital to America -- boundaries that were never meant to have been moved.”
With great faith and many blessings,
Danita Kilcullen, Co-Founder Tea Party of Fort Lauderdale


I happily endorse these faithful servants of Christ, and ask for God's blessing on this endeavor, The Patriots Press. 

Shannon Armstrong
South Florida 912


“…it’s great to see The Patriots Press new web site.  You guys do an excellent job speaking the truth, in love…and kicking a few liberal asses when necessary!  Keep kicking, the Republic needs you!
Tom Trento, Director
The United West


"Andrew Breitbart declared war on the mainstream media and encouraged all of us to become Citizen Journalists.   Like Andrew, I believe the only way we’re going to break the media block is by doing exactly what The Patriots Press is doing right here and now—bringing the TRUTH to the American public!

Ann-Marie Murrell, PolitiChicks.tv


One of the best things you can do as a citizen is to be informed.   Freedom loving Americans should visit The Patriots Press.

Dan Mangru


"The Patriots Press has become my primary source for all faith, family, and freedom related issues! David and his team are quickly becoming a national news source and I am thrilled to be an "original" reader!"

- Connor Lanser, Chairman of Generations Decide PAC


The Patriots Press is the "Real deal."  The information is well founded on our "Founding Fathers" principals and very much in line with the US Constitution.  I especially enjoy the articles concerning our military heros and the tribute given for their service.  In this day of mistruths from the liberal media, The Patriots Press is a beacon of light for conservative thinking and values.  Congratulations and may you continue to expand your reach to our great Nation...

Nick Messerschmidt, Citizens for National Security


David and the crew, great bunch of guys.  Intelligent!  Sharp!  And great reporters.  Cheers to The Patriots Press.  Keep it all going guys, we need you in this world.  We need solid sources for the truth.  We want The Patriots Press!  Being a comedian from New Jersey, I want my news and press kept real!   Keep up the good work.

Mike Marino, New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy  www.mikemarino.net


I've known David D. for 1 1/2 years and can attest to his integrity, thoroughness, and professionalism in acquiring the facts and reporting them within a fair, yet traditional conservative framework. The Patriots Press is a shining, up and coming star in the world of patriotic journalism and I wish it continued successes in fighting for the cause of Americanism.

Nevin Gussack, Librarian and Author of Essays for JRNyquist.com, Republican Party of Palm Beach County Newsletter, and Center for Intelligence Studies Fellow."