What A Disgrace

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Op-Ed

What the hell happened up in St. Lucie County before and since Election Day?  That is a question that has been fought both in courts of law and in the court of public opinion.  It is also a question that will never be satisfied.  

I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t completely understand all of the legal twists and turns; however I was a front row witness to a lot of lies, cheating, and what I believe to be out and out fraud.  

Let me be clear; questions about the integrity of the vote, and especially the early vote in St. Lucie County arose from the very beginning.  The Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, did not respond to those questions; not to the media, and certainly not to the public.  

Rallies took place, letters were written, time and energy was spent, and the situation was watched, (mostly thanks to social media) from around the nation and world.  Promises were made and broken by the SOE.  

For starters, if there was only one, there were too many cases where votes cast outweighed voter registration; and there were dozens.  In one such case, Precinct 93, it has been widely reported that 900 votes were cast, and there were only 7 people registered.  The percentages of other precincts are equally outrageous, as are the convoluted answers for most of the higher numbers which revolve around the ‘two card’ system used.  

Let me try to explain: in St. Lucie County, each voter had two ballot cards to accommodate all of the races, amendments, and questions which were counted as individual votes.  I.E., if there were 100 voters and each was given 2 cards; it would read as up to 200 votes.*  That alone caused a lot of confusion and raised eyebrows.  Mind you,* if any or many didn’t bother to vote on any of the assorted questions and amendments, the number of votes cast could vary commensurately.  For example, if out of the 100 voters 49 didn’t vote on the questions and amendments, the percentage would show as 151% turnout.  Confused yet?  It gets worse.

That huge, and easily avoidable, issue aside, the SOE essentially stopped counting the early votes after the first three days, which, ‘surprisingly’ enough, did not count the military vote.  After several days of protesting for a fair count during the week of 11/12/12 through 11/15/12 the case was finally heard in court on 11/16/12.  In that case, the judge determined that it was not within the court’s jurisdiction to find for either side and rendered that it was up to the Canvassing Board to decide if a recount was in order.

After a very long and hotly contested afternoon and evening last Friday, the Canvassing Board, led by Tod Mowery, finally decided that a re-tabulation of all early votes was in order, and such re-tabulation would commence on Saturday morning.  Mind you, the deadline for a certified vote on Sunday at noon was fast closing.  Why the re-tabulation, with such a short duration to the deadline didn’t start right then and there escapes me.

On Saturday morning, under the watchful eyes of many concerned citizens, the SOE’s office opened, and the stalling began.  Little was accomplished during the day on Saturday, and at 11:00 PM, everyone was ushered out of the building because the alarms ‘had’ to be set.  Additionally, while the clock was still ticking and running out, everyone was assured that the counting/processing would continue first thing in the morning on Sunday.  The SOE staff arrived at least an hour late, resumed the dog and pony show, and then, to the horror of the gathered spectators, a card reader, known to have problems, jammed the system, and the clock ran out. And just like that it was decided that since the certification had to be sent in, it was reverted to the original certification showing Patrick Murphy as the winner.

And that is where this Patriot gets really ticked off.  The clock RAN out?!  Really?!

What a crock!  That clock didn’t run out; this was clearly a coordinated effort by a very liberal, Democrat SOE and Canvassing Board with an agenda.  The workers clearly did not even attempt to properly count the questioned votes, and they certainly were aware that there was a glitch in the system which would shut it down at the critical moment, giving a victory to a fellow Democrat.

Let me add this.  Yes, I unashamedly admit that I fully support Allen West and he will always be my Congressman, however, beyond that; I want to believe in the system.  I used to, but I don’t anymore, and never will again.  This was not an honest contest.  If I believed that my preferred candidate lost legitimately, I would shake his hand and offer my condolences, and I would, however sadly, congratulate the victor.  However, this is not the case.  This entire election was a sham and a shame.

In the end, neither side won.  Sure, Allen West has decided to do the right thing in conceding, since, after all, even if a full recount of all votes was undertaken, a very corrupt SOE and her staff has had more than enough time to sufficiently contaminate the vote in favor of her candidate, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.  

As far as Mr. Murphy is concerned, I pose these questions.  Are you happy with yourself sir?  Are you comfortable with the fact that a very large section of your new constituency believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that this election was/is tainted and forever stained with certain chicanery?  Do you understand that a lot of people, including myself, believe that you and your minions have committed blatant fraud to get you elected?  Do you understand that you enter this season of your career perceived as a liar and a cheater?  Do you care that you will never earn our respect?  Does it bother you that you likely didn’t really win?

I would dare say the answer to all of those questions would be a resounding ‘NO.’  You are now yet another part of the growing problem with America.  Shame on you Patrick Murphy, Gertrude Walker, Tod Mowery, and all of your combined staffs and legal teams for what you’ve done.  While I doubt you will care, recognize, or acknowledge your individual roles, it is my hope at this juncture that you realize the damage and perspective of fraud that you have created has raised a major cloud of suspicion and over-all public mis-trust of the system; and do your best to affect the needed changes.  

What a disgrace.