Editor's Corner

"World Changer" A Review

To begin with, I don’t remember when I’ve gotten so emotional with tears running down my face while reading a book.  I guess that's due in large part because I’ve been blessed to become friends with Karen and Billy Vaughn, and their story hits home; even when I’ve gone back and reread several sections, I still get misty as Karen pours out her soul describing Aaron and how she and Billy raised him. 

Whether they are working individually in different locations or together as a team, Gold Star parents Karen and Billy Vaughn are iconic American Treasures.  They certainly did not set out to be such, and no one would disagree that if they could go back in time to change the circumstances that brought them into the public spotlight, they gladly would.

Recently, in her “spare” time, when Karen wasn’t busy travelling and speaking around the country to Tea Party groups, High School Assemblies, Churches, Rotary Clubs, radio shows, appearances on Fox News and a myriad of countless other venues, she pulled out her keyboard and wrote a National Best Selling Book titled “World Changer” which invites the reader to a ring side seat to the molding of a hero.

If you are not familiar with their story, Karen and Billy Vaughn are the parents of SOC Aaron Carson Vaughn, who along with 29 other Americans lost their lives on the fateful evening of August 6, 2011 when Extortion 17 was brought down in Afghanistan under what can best be described as questionable circumstances.

Just like any other parents, Karen and Billy will never completely recover from the tragic loss of their only son, and only their strong faith in our Lord Jesus and knowledge of Aaron’s strong faith in Him, along with the outpouring of love and support from family and friends has allowed them to keep moving ahead.

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