5 Conservative Films to Watch and Share

Written by Daria DiGiovanni on . Posted in Movies/Theatre

First, a few caveats. This is merely a place to start, not an all-inclusive list. Building on my post about how to rescue pop culture from progressives, specifically #6 — Start Your Own Film Festival — I thought I’d follow up with some suggestions to help you get started. I’ve seen and/or reviewed all of them, which include three of the documentaries of Stephen K. Bannon, a Hallmark movie and a major motion picture.

So invite over some friends (especially the apolitical or misinformed ones), pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy as you help them transform from low-information voters to defenders of the republic. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, organize a monthly “movie night” at your place of worship, local school auditorium or other public venue to reach as many people as possible in your community.