Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right...

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I see and hear a lot about politicians and the games they play, and I came upon this just today.  Mind you, I don’t know either of these people, but this article doesn’t endear either of them to me. 

One is a Republican and the other a Democrat, and both seem to have been helping each other in the same sandbox for a good amount of time.

In short, one of them, (the Republican) is the mayor of Boca Raton who has been busy trying to stamp out lingering investigations into her ethics and the other, (the Democrat) is a member of the City Council. 

First she was going to run, and he wouldn’t if she did, then she decided not to so he jumped in; she then changed her mind and since he’d already tossed his hat into the ring, the game was on.  Confused yet..?

In my humble opinion, both of them are exactly the sort of people we need to keep out of politics at all costs.  At any level of government, it should be about and for We the People, not the political ambitions of any individual of any party.

Vote wisely Palm Beach County…

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"Leave Her Alone, Leave Her Alone...!"

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As always, I look at the election of Donald Trump and everything else from two perspectives; my secular side, and my Biblical Worldview side; and as always, I’ll start with my secular side leaving the real important point for the end.

Remember all the Trump rallies at places like airports, large stadiums, and on street corners all across America that came to an end a couple of weeks ago after Election Day…?  You know, the rallies where everyone, sometimes led by Donald Trump himself, were chanting “leave her alone, leave her alone…?!”   

Yeah, I don’t remember that either, because it never happened.  

Mr. Trump, are you freaking kidding me/us…?!  When We the People stood with you chanting “lock her up, lock her up,” we meant it.  Were you not listening…?!  You recently said you don’t want to hurt the Clintons; that they are good people, and a bunch of other BS about them.  They are in fact NOT “good people;” they are criminals of the highest order and you know very well that anyone else absolutely would have been locked away long ago for committing a fraction of what they’ve done.  Your former opponent and her puppeteer in the person of George Soros are the personification of evil, and We the People want blood; we want her head on a stick.  At very least we want; nay, we demand that once you are seated and have a real FBI Director and AG in place that she and her regime are properly investigated and face judgement.  But of course, it is not the job of the POTUS to decide what and how the FBI investigates things; nor what and how the DOJ prosecutes those findings.

I have to believe that since you haven’t exactly bandied her name about for a cabinet position, perhaps you are building on “The Art of The Deal” and keeping her and the rest of us guessing what your real plans are.  I relish the thought that just maybe on January 21, 2017 or soon thereafter she will be forced to surrender her passport and placed on some sort of a restricted travel list.  If she does get to keep her passport, the only good thing about her heading to a country that doesn’t extradite is that she will be under a self-imposed exile, which while I hate the thought of her living the good life free from our judicial system, at least she would no longer be staining the fabric of our society by her mere presence.

By the way, speaking of a cabinet position, I for one would find it very fitting and amusing if you did in fact exact some “presidential justice” and appoint her as our new Ambassador to Libya as has been joked about in the places that knuckle draggers like me hang around in.  I might add, she should only be allowed the same level of security as those she turned her back on.  Don’t worry, if something did happen to her you could always have “mittens” blame it on a video or something like that, because “what difference at that point would it make…?!”  And speaking of “mittens,” really….?!  Are you actually considering Gov. “Milquetoast” for Secretary of State…?!  In case you hadn’t noticed, he’s only slightly less of a wuss than John Kerry is.

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This coming Friday, 11/4/16 is the "Final Friday" before Election Day.

As most of you in So. Florida know, there has been a good sized group of Patriots waving signs at PGA and Military Blvd. in West Palm Beach every Friday afternoon for the next President of these United States, Mr. Donald Trump and for our next Congressman in Florida's 18th District, Brian Mast.

Next Friday is the last really big sign waving at that intersection before Election Day so every Patriot is needed to wave those signs on every corner. Come out for the fun and camaraderie, and stay as long as you can.  Patriots will be on those corners from 4:00 - 6:00 PM.


There is also another big sign waving in Jupiter at A1A and Indiantown Rd. at the Publix Shopping Center from 4:30 - 6:00.

Please do your best to show support for our candidates right up to and including Election Day, but especially on "Final Friday" at whichever location is closest for you.

And no matter where you are in America, keep those signs and flags waving. God bless you, God bless President Trump, and God bless these United States of America.

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Opponent Fails At Attempts To Slam Brian Mast In Florida's 18th US Congressional District Race..

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Randy Perkins confuses me.  I’ve watched the videos, attended the debate up in Palm Beach Gardens last week and seen his political ads, and his message just doesn’t add up.  When he isn’t rudely interrupting his opponent, Brian Mast in a debate venue, he attempts to besmirch his honesty and integrity with nonsensical ads.

He’ll tell an audience that Brian Mast isn’t qualified because he’s never run or managed anything, nor ever signed a payroll check.  Then he blasts Mr. Mast for supporting Donald Trump for President.

So I have a few questions for Mr. Perkins based upon the brief synopsis above.  First of all, how on earth can you assault the honesty and integrity of a man like Brian Mast, and without missing a beat in the same breath state your support for Hillary Clinton; a woman who has a well-known litany of crimes on her rap sheet that is too numerous to list here..?!

How can you also claim that Brian Mast isn’t qualified because he hasn’t owned a business when your own choice for the highest office in the land has also never run a business, signed a payroll check, or accomplished a single positive thing worthy of mention..?!  Considering the value you place on business ownership as a qualifier, I don’t understand why Donald Trump isn’t your choice.  Certainly his business acumen should be something a man like you might aspire to, and he isn’t a career criminal either.  I believe if you conducted an honest survey outside of whichever democrat stronghold you hang out at, you’ll find that your support for her is very likely on the top of the list of why people won’t be casting their vote for you.

My last questions for you are did you notice that several times during the debate last week some of your ridiculous comments that were flattering of Hillary were met with chuckling by the audience..?  Did you happen to notice that at the conclusion of the debate your closing remarks fell flat while much to the chagrin of the moderator; Brian Mast received a rousing standing ovation after his closing statement..?  That was very telling.

Back to Brian Mast though; this is a young man who has done nothing but selflessly serve his country, stands out as a strong advocate for our active military and Veterans, and has with barely a whisper volunteered to serve with our friends in the IDF in Israel.  He is a good and decent man, an honorable man, a family man, and a solid Christian who will bring the kind of values and integrity that have not been seen in Florida’s US 18th Congressional seat, or the whole of Congress for that matter since the voting debacle that unseated Allen West.

Like only a select few before him, Brian Mast will be a strong voice for We the People in Florida and indeed, I believe he will quickly establish himself as “America’s Congressman,” welcomed in any district in any state, for any visit, and working hand and hand with the new administration of Donald Trump to make America great again.  

Whether it is diffusing bombs on a battlefield or verbal assaults in the halls of Congress, Brian Mast is the right man for such a time as this and I look forward to when “Congressman” is his official title and not just what many are already calling him so he can get used to it.

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Focus On The Current Issues, Not The Locker Room...!

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What the hell is going on…?!  Donald Trump is arguably the most colorful candidate to ever get more primary votes than any other Republican in history.  His message has resonated with many because he says what millions of us have been calling for over the past seven and a half years and more.  

Now suddenly in an instant, the media has completely turned the focus from real issues such as what Mr. Trump’s opponent allowed to happen in Benghazi, the flat out murder of our Seals on Extortion 17, the breach of national defense via her personal email server and the destruction of over 30,000 emails containing evidence of her treason; her desire to import hundreds of thousands of “refugees” which is really an invasion force, her promised widening of our already porous borders, what will happen to our Supreme Court and the entire federal judiciary if she is elected, her corrupt pay to play foundation and what it has done in places like Haiti while enriching her, laughing about the rape of a child after she got the offender off the hook, her racist admiration of the likes of Robert “KKK” Byrd and Margaret “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population” Sanger.  And let’s not forget her mentor Saul Alinsky.  The list goes on and on.

And why…?!  Just because Donald Trump said some dumb stuff over ten years ago; the same kind of dumb stuff lots of men and women talk and joke about in locker rooms and toilets everywhere.

Look, do I think that sort of trash talk is just fine and dandy..?  No, I do not; but I also do not understand why this is an issue given the things that Bill and Hillary have both said behind closed doors when cameras were still rolling, especially in light of the real issues listed above.  Have we forgotten the behavior of Bill Clinton in the Oval Office with a certain intern and his lies about it…?

Mr. Trump is hated by the establishment of both parties because of his no nonsense stance on real issues facing America.  We cannot and must not allow this latest distraction to derail his bid for the presidency; too much is at stake.  

The drumbeat of #neverhillary must become louder than ever. 

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