Guns bad; Marijuana good

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Publisher's note:  As many will remember, VISA, through its companies CyberSource and decided last year that they wouldn't process sales of legal guns online; which very naturally ticked off a lot of gun owners.  

The operative word there being legal.  I can't say 100%, but I'd be willing to wager that this decision came about as a result of pressure from the same federal government that has now waved the checkered flag for banks to do business with pot dealers where it is legal.  No doubt, this was a first step for all electronic firearms/ammo transactions.

My major point is; that same government that takes daily steps to prevent We the People from protecting ourselves, wants to keep as many of the masses stupified on drugs they've made legal for just that purpose.  Wake up America.

Fox News:  The Obama administration took the unprecedented step Friday of clearing the way for banks to do limited business with marijuana sellers, releasing guidelines for how financial institutions can work with pot shops in states where it's legal. 

The move immediately was greeted with relief from the budding marijuana industry. Before the guidance, banks largely had avoided the new pot shops in Colorado for fear of federal prosecution -- leaving marijuana sellers running cash-only operations. 

"This is a huge victory for our members, our communities, and the banks that take this opportunity to serve a thriving new market," National Cannabis Industry Association director Aaron Smith said in a statement. "No legitimate business should be forced to manage its payroll, taxes, utility bills, and licensing fees entirely in cash." 

It's unclear, though, to what extent banks will engage those businesses. One industry group, the Consumer Bankers Association, voiced legal concerns despite the new guidelines and urged Congress to get involved. 

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Comrade DiBlasio too left for the left

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Publisher's note:  Recently I used the analogy of a sand sculpture to compare the plight of NYC under what I believe to be the worst mayor in that city's history, even given the recent disaster of the last one.

Only in his second month in office, he is already proving me correct.  Not that I needed proof, but how extreme left does one have to be in order to be ostracized by among the worst Governors New York has or will ever have?  Suffice it to say, the difference in their height has nothing to do with hizzoner the mayor and Governor Cuomo not seeing eye to eye.

Fox News:  Voters knew Bill de Blasio would be turning the Big Apple into a test tube for liberal policies. But New York City's new mayor is moving surprisingly quickly as he pushes for changes that would give ID cards to illegal immigrants, hike taxes on top earners and raise the city's minimum wage. 

The unabashed "progressive" who ran and won on promises to end New York's income inequality is now running into pushback from members of his own party, including the state's Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo. 

The governor already has rejected two of de Blasio's pet projects, and used choice words to describe one of them. This week, he panned the mayor's push to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to fund a New York City pre-K program. Cuomo, who wants a statewide program, called the idea of letting "richer communities" fund only their own districts "repugnant." 

While the de Blasio-Cuomo spat has captured the attention of the New York media, de Blasio's debut as mayor speaks to a broader concern. 

Some political watchers warn that de Blasio, who captured 73 percent of the vote during November's general election, is blowing through his political capital and is now in jeopardy of becoming the latest in a long line of New York City mayors who have floated grand ideas only to have them knocked down and defeated in Albany.

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Ties to terrorists? No problem!

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Publisher's note:  I don't care how they white wash this; in today's world allowing anyone with terrorist ties of any kind into the country is outrageous.  No exceptions.

Fox News:  The Obama administration has unilaterally eased restrictions on asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties to terror and insurgent groups, in a move one senator called "deeply alarming." 

The change, approved by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry, was announced Wednesday in the Federal Register. It would allow some individuals who provided "limited material support" to terror groups to be considered for entry into the U.S. 

Supporters of the change, including Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., argued that the current ban on anyone who has ever aided terrorists has unfairly blocked thousands of refugees. 

"The existing interpretation was so broad as to be unworkable," Leahy said in a statement. "It resulted in deserving refugees and asylees being barred from the United States for actions so tangential and minimal that no rational person would consider them supporters of terrorist activities." 

But critics say despite the good intentions, the change raises security concerns, particularly after a report published Thursday on asylum fraud. 

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Watered down Amnesty...No Mas!

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Publisher's note:  Under the failed leadership of Speaker John Boehner, the House of Representatives is preparing a further chipping away of the American fabric, and is kicking the door ajar to allow amnesty for illegals.  

Sure, the terms are being mixed together; now, after a background check, they can become legal residents and not citizens, pay fines, and all the rest.  At the end of the day, this is distilled amnesty and it flies in the face of the will of We the People.

The time is long over-due for John Boehner to retire.  What a huge disappointment.

Fox News:  House Republican leaders on Thursday endorsed a limited path to legal status for some illegal immigrants, in a move Democrats said could open the door to a deal on comprehensive immigration legislation. 

The position was included in a document released by party leaders during their annual retreat in Maryland. The "standards for immigration reform" document ruled out a special path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. 

Instead, it said immigrants living here illegally could remain and live legally if they pass background checks, pay fines and back taxes, learn to speak English and understand U.S. civics, and can support themselves without access to welfare. 

But GOP leaders made clear that border security must be improved first. 

"None of this can happen before specific enforcement triggers have been implemented," the document said. 

Nevertheless, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., a big advocate for immigration legislation on the Senate side, said the announcement could smooth the way for a deal on legislation. The Senate passed an immigration bill last year. 

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Former "Chocolate City" Mayor Headed to Court

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Publisher's note:  A very corrupt, and racist man is finally going to answer for his dirty dealings.  Mr. "New Orleans is a Chocolate City" did a lot finger pointing towards the WH in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and a lot of people want to forget that hundreds of school buses that could have been used to evacuate many thousands, sat idle and were destroyed.  

The outcome of his trial should prove very enlightening.

Fox News:  Ray Nagin rose to American political fame in swift, albeit uncensored, fashion -- as the New Orleans mayor who publicly trashed and pleaded with President George W. Bush to save his city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

"Flying over in Air Force One doesn’t do it justice,” Nagin said during a radio interview a few days after the storm hit on Aug. 29, 2005. 

Today, more than three years out of office, Nagin returns to New Orleans, only this time to face federal corruption charges related to the aftermath of the deadly and destructive storm that put him in the spotlight. 

Jury selection is underway this week in the case accusing the former Democratic mayor of using his office for personal gain, by accepting payoffs, free trips and gratuities from contractors while the city was struggling to recover from Katrina’s devastation -- caused when levees broke and water flooded much of the city.

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