John Kerry; "...Iran Centrifuges Bush's fault."

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Publisher's note:  I find it at once amazing and hilarious that former President Bush is still being blamed by the current administration and its minions for many of our problems.  This administration has got to step up to the plate and take some responsibility.

Fox News:  Before he paused to allow reporters to ask questions about the nuclear deal with Iran that he had just announced in Geneva, Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to anticipate one line of criticism about the accord -- that it effectively cedes to the Islamic regime the right to enrich uranium, despite half a dozen U.N. Security Council resolutions declaring the activity illegal. And he moved, preemptively, to address it.

"In 2003, when the Iranians made an offer to the former administration with respect to their nuclear program, there were 164 centrifuges," Kerry said in a news conference held in the early hours of Nov. 24. "That offer was not taken. Subsequently, sanctions came in, and today there are 19,000 centrifuges and growing."

In essence, the secretary of State was suggesting the staggering number of centrifuges that Iran now has effectively forced the hand of the P5+1 negotiators at the talks, making the placement of restrictions on Iran's nuclear program the only realistic prospect the negotiators could pursue. Kerry also suggested that had only President George W. Bush done the right thing a decade ago, the United States and its allies in the P5+1 -- Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia -- wouldn't have found themselves in such a precarious negotiating posture.

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This is where I don't EVEN vote...

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Publisher's note:  I am besides myself reading the trumped up implications of Chris Christie's win of a second term as Governor of NJ.  Let me please remind my readers of my thoughts concerning the Republican Party and its former ties to conservative ideology.  There was a time, not that long ago when the Republican Party was the party of conservatives.  It is NO more and Chris Christie is the poster child for that.  Please click for more on that.  When a guy like Brian Baker makes the comment, "the objective is to pick the most conservative candidate “who can win the general election,” I make the comment, "what the hell is the difference?"  Rick Santorum recently said, "...we can't beat our opponents by becoming our opponents."

Fox News:  New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie has little time to add to his legislative accomplishments in his home state to win over still-skeptical conservatives should he indeed be pursuing a 2016 White House bid, his advisers say.

Christie’s decisive reelection victory -- winning Tuesday by 22 points over his Democratic challenger -- is less than a week old. But the ground work for early GOP primaries and caucuses appears right around the corner.

Some conservatives are still upset over Christie welcoming President Obama to New Jersey in the aftermath of 2012 SuperStorm Sandy, with the president in the final days of a tough re-election campaign.

"I don't like the man," said Chelle Adkins, a Republican activist from northern Iowa, the state set to hold the nation's first presidential nominating contest in roughly two years. "I'll vote for him over a Democrat, but not in the caucuses."

However, others argue that Christie’s post-Sandy efforts in fact proved true fiscal-conservative credentials -- making a first-priority of helping residents and the state economy.

Brian Baker, president of the nonprofit Ending Spending, recently told the objective in Republican presidential primaries – expected to be dominated again by conservative candidates -- is to pick the most conservative candidate “who can win the general election.”

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$7B US Tax Dollars on way to Africa

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Publisher's note:  During his world wind $70M - $100M African tour, President Obama has now promised $7B in aid to the continent for a 'power initiative' claiming it will "...benefit my own nation enormously."  It seems that there is no end to the spending from DC and this administration.

Fox News:  President Obama, calling for the U.S. to "up our game" when it comes to Africa, on Sunday announced a $7 billion government-backed initiative to increase access to electric power in sub-Saharan Africa. 

He unveiled the plan during a speech to students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, a major stop on the president's tour of the continent. 

Obama said the U.S. government would spend at least $7 billion toward the goal of doubling access to electric power, bolstered by investments from private sector partners. 

Obama, painting a portrait of a rising Africa, argued that the U.S. should get more involved in its success -- for its own benefit. 

"My own nation will benefit enormously if you reach your full potential," he said. 

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"Obama doesn't have guts to handle deficit".....Boehner

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House Speaker John Boehner, in advance of President Obama's State of the Union address, said Tuesday that he doesn't think the president "has the guts" to seriously address the country's debt and deficit.

The speaker aired his concerns during a breakfast outside his office on Capitol Hill with anchors and reporters covering Obama's address Tuesday night.

He said he's pessimistic about the odds the president will tackle the country's long-term spending problem, which he sees as the biggest threat to America's future.

"I don't think he has the guts to do it. He doesn't have the courage to take on the liberal side of his own party -- never has," Boehner said.

The speaker said, judging by the tone and tenor of the inaugural address, "I would expect tonight to be more partisan."

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