South Florida Fair, A Slice Of American Pie...

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Whether your thing is the agriculture area with the “Moo” ternity ward where you just might get a chance to witness a cow give birth, walk across the road and check out the magnificent horses in the equine arena, or maybe just say hello to the chickens, roosters, and rabbits, the South Florida Fair is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends on a week night or all day on a weekend.

If you’re the daring type, there are rides guaranteed to mix up your last couple of meals, and there are tamer rides like the Ferris Wheels, one of which is the largest travelling Ferris Wheel in the Country, or the Gondola; on which one can take some great aerial photos of the entire Fair.

And the food…!  There are endless choices from classic Corn Dogs and BBQ to the more exotic varieties such as the Frogs Legs, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the outrageously tasty gastronomic delight that the bacon cheese burger served on a glazed donut.  To those who might say “yuck,” I say “try it.”  While it might not be exactly what the doctor ordered, it is certainly a once a year treat that shouldn’t be missed.

Then of course there is the shopping in the pavilions.  There are a plethora of vendors offering custom buckles and belts, hats, pots and pans, vacations, survival gear, and a lot more.

This is a truly all American Fair and the very best of the best for this reporter was the 500 immigrants from 65 different nations who on Tuesday, January 23rd assembled and stood as their home country was called out so that they could embrace their new home by swearing an Oath of Allegiance and officially becoming Citizens of these United States of America.  On hand to witness the event were family and friends numbering at least two thousand.  As an ardent supporter legal immigration, I have to admit that I had to choke down a few tears of joy for them.

There is so much more to see and enjoy at this always great fair which runs the rest of week until the final bell on Sunday evening the 28th.  If you have never been to the South Florida Fair or you’ve been there a dozen times, it remains one of the most fun annual attractions in Palm Beach County. 

Heck, even the traffic is worth it, so come on down…!

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Mary Tulko Meets The President

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I bet you know a Mary Tulko..!  Whether you live in a major city in America or out in the sticks of Fertile, Alabama, or even somewhere in the Ozark Mountains, you probably know someone like Mary Tulko.  She’s that patriot woman who is always there; whether it’s greeting a returning soldier home at an airport, standing on the corner waving a sign for the President, or maybe just being that lone voice mixing it up with people who don’t agree with her.  You might not know her name, but you see Mary Tulko everywhere.

This story is about the Mary Tulko that I know.  As it turns out, I’ve known Mary for many years and we’ve stood shoulder to shoulder at many Tea Party type events, political rallies, and lots of other events.  We’ve cheered together when our candidates or issues we support succeed, and we’ve kept each other’s spirits up when we haven’t won the day.  Only a handful of weeks ago, we met up near Mar a Lago on the night the Red Cross Ball was taking place.  

On that night, there were a few hundred patriots showing support for President Trump just a few hundred yards to the west, and there were also several thousand individuals making their way down Flagler Blvd. to protest the President and the event.  The Patriots Press was doing some real time reporting and videoing right in the thick of it, and while Mary and I were watching each other’s backs, there were a few times that we got separated.  During one of those times, Mary had taken it upon herself to walk down to an area just outside of the President’s home where the protestors had been allowed to gather and started talking to some of them and attempted reasoning.  She actually did have some success finding common ground and managed to make it through the ordeal unscathed.

By the time we reconnected, the crowds had largely dispersed and we decided to get out of there and grab a snack.

Fast forward to President Trump’s last visit on the weekend of March 18.  Mary was yet again out on the island causeway just waving a sign welcoming him home when suddenly a vehicle pulled up and she and several that she was standing with were invited at the President’s behest, by Secret Service Agents to visit him in Mar a Lago.

At first they all thought it was a crazy joke of some sort, but just like that, Mary Tulko, the “nameless” woman who is always everywhere, was waiting in the Ball Room of Mar a Lago to meet the President of the United States.  

The sequence of events included them going through two security check points and then they were brought into the massive ball room where they waited about twenty minutes for the most powerful man in the world to enter the room.  While they were waiting, they were served drinks and suddenly they saw the red MAGA Cap and heard President Trump ask if the room was big enough for them, immediately putting them all at ease.

When Mary chatted with him, he asked if he was doing a good job and if Mary was pleased so far.  He stayed for about an hour and listened to each of them individually and as a group before taking photos.

Talk about a Cinderella moment…!  Mary shared with me that she had a gown she bought and was supposed to wear to the Inauguration, but she never got a chance to go and will never wear that gown, but this once in a lifetime chance was way better than attending the Inaugural.  

Instead of getting all dressed up and going to a party where she would probably never have had the chance to meet or even get near the President, this now not so “nameless” face in the crowd, this “Mary Tulko,” my friend, now has a memory that few will ever share.

Congratulations Mary Tulko.  I can’t think of anyone I know who is more deserving of such an honor.  

Hold your head high and keep plugging Patriot. 

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Have Yourself A Very "Ready" Christmas...

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By a show of hands, how many are finished with their Christmas shopping...?  There’s a few out there.  Now by another show of hands, how many thought we hadn’t passed Labor Day yet, let alone get started with Christmas shopping…?  

That’s what I thought; lots of hands all over America just went up.

Many of you have joined the millions who now shop almost exclusively on line, and like many, you may be unsure what to get for some or most of the people on your list.  

A lot of people have been talking about being ready and getting ready for “what if.” In reality, it isn’t a matter of what or if, it is a matter of “when.”  And not just when there is a need to be prepared, but also when you might want to take the family and some friends to enjoy the great outdoors together and maybe learn how to build a fire, pitch a tent, and a lot of the other things one might have to or desire to do outside.

Enter the Ready Network for all of your “prepper” and camping needs.  The Ready Network has everything from a portable Solar Charger for use with cell phones, computers, and other small appliances to water filtration, several fire starters, single person tents and sleeping bags, first aid kits, rechargeable lanterns, and too many other items to list here.  All can be purchased individually or you may opt for an entire fitted out bag that has everything.

The prices range from less than half of the least expensive alternative to well over three times our price by places like Cabela’s.

So if you know a "prepper" or want to become one, or if you simply want to spend more time camping with family and friends, please visit us at  and shop our secure website.  Everything is drop shipped right from our warehouse in Jupiter, FL and all will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas.

We are also looking for business minded Independent Distributors around the country, and you can learn more about that at the website as well, or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Happy shopping and have yourself a very “Ready” Christmas.   

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A Super 8 Motel, A Simple Request, And A Customer Service Disaster

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I travel a lot on business, and very often of late to Daytona, FL.  In fact, in the coming months, I will very likely be there at least three weekends per month and the motel I have stayed in every time, the Super 8 on So. Ridgewood Ave. is certainly well aware of my visits and I have mentioned my advance plans to staff.

So, this morning, like any other Sunday morning when staying there, I checked out around 8:00 to get an early start and grab some breakfast down the street.  Not long after departing, I found I needed to just have a place to sit and discuss some business while charging up a camera and asked if an associate and I could sit in the lobby.  The woman behind the counter said she couldn’t allow that and I should do so in my room.  I told her I had already checked out, but since it was still well before the 11:00 check out, I asked again if it was okay to do what I needed to do.  Again, she denied this very simple request.

Admittedly, at that point, I became a little perturbed and suggested that her refusal of this request would result in me never returning; to which she refused again.

I have to say that she surprised me quite a bit given that I’ve been a frequent guest at the establishment.  

In the end, all I can do is warn my readers about this motel and how poorly they are capable of treating regular customers.  Suffice it to say, I will never darken their doorstep again, and I suggest that none of my friends, associates, or readers visit there either.  Certainly there are other venues in the area that will value the business of a frequent guest with a very busy upcoming schedule.

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