Florida's 4th Congressional District Candidate is "Terror"ble

Written by Randy McDaniels on . Posted in Florida News

Publisher's note:  Randy McDaniels is on the front lines of the fight against Islamic terror and infiltration within and without government at every level.  In this fact filled and thought provoking report, he spells out the ties of a Congressional Candidate in Florida with disturbing ties to terror groups.  This is a must read.

Randy McDaniels:  John Rutherford, the favored Candidate for Florida's 4th Congressional District, has unsettling long term ties to groups which have officially been designated as Islamic Terrorist Groups.  

The Cabinet and President Tayyp Erdogan of Turkey, a NATO Ally, officially designated the religious movement of U.S.-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen a terrorist group as recently as May, 2016.  The United Arab Emirates (UAE) designated the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Terrorist Organization in November, 2014.  

CAIR has been labeled by the US Government during the US vs HLF Trial of 2008, as a Muslim Brotherhood Entity and the Palestine Committee.  These Committees were set up by HAMAS worldwide to further their causes.  Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also designated the parent of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization. 

The founder of the Islamic Gulen Movement, Fethullah Gulen, came to the United States under asylum during the Clinton Presidency after a failed coup to overthrow "Westernized" Turkey and restore it to an Islamic State ruled by Sharia (Islamic law).

Fethullah Gulen has applied for asylum in several other countries as a result of Turkey’s designation and increased pressure for his extradition.  Since the Obama administration cannot utter the words "Radical Islam" and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, the administration's failure to acknowledge Turkey's terror classification of the Gulen Movement or extradite Fethullah Gulen should come as no surprise.

While Sheriff Rutherford has maintained an otherwise celebrated career in Law Enforcement, he also appears to be incapable of identifying pro-Sharia Islamists with whom he has embraced.  These organizations include Gulenist organizations such as the Atlantic Institute and Amity Turkish Cultural Center (ATCC), which recently changed its name to the Istanbul Center.  These groups work side by side with former CAIR/HAMAS National Chairman Dr. Parvez Ahmed and other pro-Sharia Islamists.

Sheriff Rutherford's inability to distinguish between 'Friend vs Foe' leaves him vulnerable to further influence operations which could impact the passage of legislation which could weaken our defenses, leave our borders open, and challenge the supremacy of the US Constitution.

Influence operations targeting Sheriff Rutherford via "Interfaith Outreach" and "Bridge Building" efforts by pro-Sharia Islamist Groups have been successful and therefore render John Rutherford unfit to serve in the US Congress.  Success of these operations will be demonstrated in subsequent articles are evidenced by the following:

•Penetration of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) by Muslim Brotherhood operatives as it relates to officer training programs.

•Blatant disregard and willful blindness to credible information exposing the subversive nature of organizations and individuals currently embraced by former Sheriff Rutherford dating back to at least 2009. 

•Shortly after returning from the ATCC guided trip to Turkey, Sheriff Rutherford, in an official capacity, sent correspondence commending Gulenist Operatives  Akif Aydin (Dir. ATCC & River City Science Academy -  a Gulen Charter School) and Alex Silva for being "Great Ambassador's of the Turkish people who helped us [Mr. & Mrs. Rutherford] Grow in Knowledge and Appreciation for Islam".

•Sheriff Rutherford disregarded credible information in regard to the subversive nature of the ATCC and a few months after returning from Turkey, extended the credibility of the Sheriff's office by becoming a member of the Board of Advisors.  He remained on this Board for approximately (4) years.

Despite being informed as early as 2009 and again in 2011, by ACT! for America's Jacksonville Chapter of ongoing FBI investigations into the Gulen Charter School Network [for H1B Visa and other violations of law], Sheriff Rutherford chose to remain a member of the ATCC Advisory Board, which has subsequently been designated a terrorist organization by our NATO Ally, Turkey.

•According to sources inside and outside JSO, the department allegedly adopted an unofficial policy of hostility at the direction of Sheriff Rutherford, towards the Jacksonville chapter of ACT! for America, the leading watchdog group working to expose pro-Sharia entities.

•Sheriff Rutherford also received endorsements during his re-election bid from known Muslim Brother members and CAIR/HAMAS spin-off organizations. One such group’s website states only candidates who have "built a significant relationship with our [Muslim] Community" are endorsed.

•As recently as February 2016, former Sheriff Rutherford was personally thanked by the Atlantic Institute for his work to facilitate "outreach" targeted at his Protégé Sheriff Mike Williams.  The Atlantic Institute is another pro-Sharia, pro-Jihadist Gulen entity which shares office space with the Istanbul Center, formerly the ATCC.

The United States has been conducting a "War on Terror" (WOT) for over (15) years, yet every time a Jihadist yells Allahu Akbar, and attacks, we hear the same tired responses and disconnect between the attacks and Islam.  The reaction by our media and leadership in both law enforcement and the community is to seek out Islamic authorities, which almost without exception are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  How is that possible?  

After the Orlando terror attack, the largest attack on US soil since 9/11, Law Enforcement Officials trotted out Imam Musri, of the Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF) to be their Islamic spokesperson, despite the fact the Mosque he heads is an affiliate of the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), which are both Co-Conspirators in the largest terrorism finance trial in US history.  

Additionally, the ISCF Mosque was caught raising over $55,000 for HAMAS, after investigative teams from the Jacksonville and Orlando Chapters of ACT! for America infiltrated and obtained video produced by the United West, which captured these fundraising activities.  This resulted in the US Government banning former British MP George Galloway from entry to the United States.

Senate and other Hearings have already established training by DHS and the FBI has been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood, language identifying the enemy and factual threat doctrine training has been purged.  Phil Haney of the DHS National Targeting Center, became a federal whistleblower, detailing the surrender of our National Security apparatus in his tell all book "See Something...Say Nothing; A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Governments Submission to Jihad".

Sheriff Rutherford, is a prime example of Law Enforcement Leadership failures in the WOT. 

During a Q & A session, in early 2010, at the South Side Republican Club, Sheriff Rutherford was commended on his job as it related to criminal activity.  However, it was his response to the follow-up question regarding national security and the growing Jihadist threat which captured the concern of this writer and the audience that day.

Sheriff Rutherford was asked about (5) basic documents; strategic Muslim Brotherhood documents which laid out plans to subvert and destroy America from within.  After stating he had not heard of these documents, Sheriff Rutherford was informed about the subversive nature of the Amity Turkish Cultural Center. (ATCC) and its founder Fetullah Gulen, who were providing trips to Turkey for key members of the community.

 Rutherford interrupted and stated he had attended one such a trip.  It was made clear to him; these trips were in reality influence operations, the effect of which remained to be seen.  Unfortunately, a few months later Sheriff John Rutherford became a member of the ATCC Advisory Board.  This will be discussed in greater detail in a subsequent article.

In January 2015, Sheriff Candidate Mike Williams was the guest speaker at a video recorded event for Grassroots 4 Victory.  During Q & A, Mr. Williams was briefly informed by Randy McDaniels, founder of ACT! for America's Jacksonville Chapter, about the 2010 exchange with Sheriff John Rutherford and shared some of the same concerns voiced then.

Sheriff's Candidate Mike Williams only took moments to come to a sound conclusion, stating that if he was elected, he would not lend the credibility of the Sheriff's Office to that [ATCC/Istanbul Center] Organization.  Williams went on to say that he had been the Division Chief for DHS on Counter Terrorism for over (6) years and I've  never heard of any of the names or documents you mentioned and it's obvious you know what you're talking about.

Based on his response, Candidate Williams was asked if he would be open to National security experts recommended by the questioner [Randy McDaniels] to train his JSO officers, to which he responded in the affirmative.  

All Sheriff candidates we spoke to during the election cycle stated Counter Terrorism training was typically the responsibility of DHS and the FBI.  None of the candidates we spoke with said they had heard of these basic enemy documents, with the exception of Ken Jefferson, who is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Atlantic Institute.  As a panelist for both the Democrat and Republican during ongoing Sheriff debates in Putnam County, we experience the same results; fortunately there is unanimous consensus from these candidates for these experts to provide training for their officers upon their election.  State and Local Law Enforcement, Must take the lead in the fight against Jihad.

These experts, mentors, and friends such as John Guandolo, Clare Lopez, Maj. Stephen Coughlin, and DHS Whistle Blower Phil Haney, as well as others will provide JSO what has thus far has been missing, a factual understanding of the enemy threat doctrine.  This will ensure the brave men and women under Sheriff Williams leadership will have the training necessary to more effectively counter the threat and fulfill their oaths to protect and serve, without unwittingly serving the goals of the enemy.  A special thanks to Sheriff's Candidate Jimmy Holderfield, for being so receptive and open in voicing his support for this training for JSO.

Shortly after the election, Sheriff Williams took the initial step in honoring his commitment by taking a meeting with former Sheriff Rutherford and John Guandolo.  This meeting was facilitated by Billie Tucker of Grassroots 4 Victory.  Unfortunately, it has been almost a year with no follow-up or training for our officers.  

Currently, ACT! for America's Jacksonville Chapter and the Center for Security Policy will arrange for a limited amount of training from these experts at no cost to the Sheriff's Department.  

I would encourage the following:

1).  Vote for a Congressional candidate who has the ability to discern between 'Friend vs Foe'  and the courage to act in the best interest of Florida.

2).  Contact Sheriff Mike Williams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Gary Dickenson, Community Affairs Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to respectfully request Sheriff Williams continue to honor his commitment to protect the citizens of Jacksonville by ensuring his officers expeditiously receive the best training possible on the enemy threat doctrine.

By Randy McDaniels


Recommended National Security Experts include:

John Guandolo is a former graduate of the US Naval Academy, USMC Combat Platoon Commander during Desert Storm, and as a member of the FBI, wrote the first training manual for the FBI on the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Movement in America, receiving the "Defender of the Homeland" award from Senators Kyle and Lieberman.  His also the author of "Raising a Jihadi Generation."

Maj. Stephen Coughlin esq is probably the most brilliant intelligence analyst in the nation, predicted the "Arab Spring"; more aptly the consolidation of Muslim Brotherhood power in the M.E.  He was called back to active duty to serve in the Pentagons "J2" after 9/11 and wrote the thesis "To Our Great Detriment; Ignoring what Extremist say about Jihad"; a crystal ball writing on the failures we would face due to the incoherence in the WOT.  His latest book "Catastrophic Failure; blindfolding America in the face of Jihad" details how our Government has outsourced our war fighting strategy to one which is actually hostile to the WOT.  Both are must reads for Military, LEO's, and Elected officials.   A short PDF "Burning Down the House" is a great primer for those pressed for time.

Clare Lopez is Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, a member of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign national security advisory team. a member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi. Fmr Vice President of the Intelligence Summit, a career operations officer with the CIA, a professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee from 2005-2006, and a consultant, intelligence analyst, and researcher for a variety of defense firms.

Philip Haney is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and a member of the National Targeting Center, DHS Whistleblower and author of the book "See Something, Say Nothing; A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Governments Submission to Jihad."


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Operation 300...In Honor Of SOC Aaron Vaughn

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Florida News

Ever since I can remember, I have loved airports and any machine that flies; so when I arrived at the Operation 300 fundraising dinner in Stuart, FL on Friday, I was doubly excited to be there.  

This year the event was held in a very large hanger adjacent to the Stuart Jet Center and the first thing I saw after leaving the parking lot was a Lear Jet and a Sheriff’s Helicopter parked at the entrance and welcoming the guests.

Walking in was like a homecoming and there were many friends, acquaintances, and patriots in attendance that I’ve had the privilege of knowing for years.

This annual event takes place the evening before the “Aaron Vaughn Memorial Frogman Swim Race” which is also an annual event.  Both of these events honor the life and service of SOC Aaron Vaughn who, along with thirty-seven of America’s finest and bravest Servicemen lost his life in the tragic downing of Extortion 17 on the night of August 6, 2011.

Ever since that infamous day, when many people might have just crumbled in grief, the parents of Aaron Vaughn, Karen and Billy, have been on a personal crusade to not only bring those responsible for that unimaginable loss to justice, but also and perhaps more importantly, to do everything in their power to provide for the needs of the families of the victims and create a semblance of normalcy where it can never really exist again.

For those unfamiliar with the story of Extortion 17, there is a ton of information available including books, articles, at least one movie in the works, and a lot more; however I will sum it up this way.  From the very outset of that fateful mission; starting with the use of improper equipment, the denial of suppressive fire from the air, the presence of highly questionable Afghanis on the flight, and a lot more, our men were betrayed by people at the highest levels of our government right up to the Oval Office, and the cover up continues to this day.  I might add, one of those who shares in the responsibility is a candidate for POTUS.  

The event itself was, as always, an unqualified success.  From the delicious hors d’oeuvres to the over the top buffet, and the Birthday Cake for Aaron; everything was amazing.

As I said above, Karen and Billy and their family, along with hundreds of friends and volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to honor their son and all of those lost souls from Extortion 17 by caring for the families.  They do a lot of fun stuff for the kids; camps, trips, shooting sports, etc., but they are also there for the families when medical and other unexpected needs arise.  In short, the Vaughn’s, drawing heavily upon their strong faith, have brought all of the families together and created a tight knit extended family that care for each other.   

All of that stuff costs a lot of money and requires a steady cash flow; therefore Operation 300 hosts a number of other fundraising events around the country which allows them to operate and do their important work.

Some of the high ticket items in the auction on Friday included a full day ride along with a Martin County Sheriff on patrol, at the range, and a flight in a county Sheriff’s helicopter; dinner of your choosing at a fire house; a specially made knife which is produced every year for this event; and an amazing rifle also produced solely for the event with the corresponding serial number OP 300 004.  There were also a number of donated gift certificates and special packaged items from local vendors.

If you were unable to attend and you would like to help this most worthy effort, please visit the Operation 300 website to learn more about this wonderful group and make a tax deductible donation.

We at The Patriots Press are honored and grateful for the privilege of attending and being even a small part of this annual event, and we pray that God continues to grant these amazing families the courage and ability to carry on. 



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Serving Taquiyya Pie at FAU

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Florida News

Phobia; “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.”

Also; “a combining form meaning “fear,” occurring in loan words from Greek, (hydrophobia; on this model, used in the names of mental disorders that have the general sense of “dread of, aversion toward,” that specified by the initial element: agoraphobia.” 

Indeed, it is an interesting word; one which has morphed in its application to suit any agenda driven purpose and is used mostly in an attempt to shed a bad light upon anyone who doesn’t fall in line and agree with the agenda of the person or group who employs it.  All one has to do is attach “phobia” to the end of any word and someone else gets labelled a hater.

One of the biggest and overused examples of this of late is “Islamophobia;” like all other phobias with a special interest group attached to the front, is a word made up by the groups and leftist extremists used to hurl at anyone who dares to shed the light of truth on the topic, (in this case, Islam).  In truth, the tag “phobia” should be replaced with “realism.”  This is especially so given that I don’t know anyone who “fears” Islam or Muslims; extremely ticked off, yes; fear NEVER.

Moving along to the event of Monday, 5/23/16.  

Shame on FAU, and shame on the State of Florida for allowing the 'Muslim Student Association,’ which was founded by and is a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood, to host the completely one-sided “Islamophobia Event” that I witnessed in the Student Union Bldg. on the Boca Raton Campus.

A more apt title for the event might have been along the lines of “anyone that doesn’t see eye to eye with our Muslim dais is a hater,” as that term was used numerous times, and especially by Wilfredo Ruiz; who coincidentally is an Attorney for CAIR, (see below).

The event started a little late, and after some initial sound system problems, the “rules” were given. Essentially, any questions had to be delivered via text message or email, and any outbursts from the gathered audience would be met with removal by police, because the last thing you want at such a venue is free speech.  Besides, that whole First Amendment thing is so 1787.

Before anyone spoke, we were 'softened’ via a propaganda video that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush.  The only thing it didn’t include was a clip of CAIR Leader and now Broward Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze helping an old lady cross the street.  

By the way, if you are not familiar with CAIR; it stands for Council on American-Islamic Relations, which sounds very nice until you understand that they are among other things the product of a Hamas-support network in the United State, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the terror-finance trial against the Holy Land Foundation and its former officials.  Additionally, CAIR is listed, along with the Muslim American Society as a Terror Organization by the United Arab Emirates.  In case you are not aware, Hamas is merely another in a long list of off shoots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

To their credit, a couple of people did get up and announce their dismay with the nonsense spewing from the dais; and they promptly removed themselves without police assistance.

The only non-Muslim on the dais was Rabbi Barry Silver of L’Dor Va-Dor in Lake Worth, FL; however he himself being a huge proponent of ‘inter-faith’ dialogue has more than once spoken out against the concerns of citizens who are awakening to what is happening in America and the West with regards to “Islamization” of the culture.  Rabbi Silver gave the longest of the opening remarks and one of those in the audience who had something to say, stood up, called him a “schmuck” and walked out.

During his diatribe, he took text out of context and trashed some of the Old Testament of the Bible, and trashed some of what my Lord and Savior Jesus had to say about defending oneself.  He also said that Islam is the closest thing to Judaism of all religions, which was right about when the “schmuck” comment came.  In fact the only thing he said that made any sense at all to me was that there is a curse over the middle-east caused by the Islamic call to destroy Israel.  How he mostly sides with Muslims knowing their open desire to destroy Israel is mind boggling to me.

For most of the rest of the evening, we heard from the various members of the dais which included Shaikh Shafayat Mohamed, Wilfred Ruiz, Maha El Kolalli, and Deema Gichi; all of whom jumped in to offer their take on various subjects that they associated with “Islamophobia.”

They were all over the place with their rants and largely skirted and downplayed the increasing issues we see around the world and in this country.  Just to name a few things they didn't mention; the unrest throughout Europe; the rampage in the Oklahoma Food Plant; the attempt on Pamela Geller’s life last year in Garland, TX; and so many more.   

At least one on the dais mentioned that only a “few” Muslims do the heinous things we see almost daily. That over-used comment cannot go unanswered by this commentator.  “Few” translates as follows; depending upon which poll one chooses to believe, there are somewhere between a low of 7% to a high of 25% of Muslims worldwide who are of a violent jihadi mindset.  Which means based upon a population of 1.6B, there are between 112M and 400M individuals; but I’ll average it in the middle and use 16% as my multiplier putting the number at ONLY 256M.  No matter which number you look at, it is more than a “few.”  In fact, it is a massive army to be very aware of and concerned about.

Several on the dais also mentioned Donald Trump in a bad light, no doubt due to his statements regarding temporarily banning Muslims from entering the US.  Let me remind the reader that his comments stemmed from the current administration’s desire to allow untold tens of thousands of “unvetted” Muslim “refugees” into the country.  By any measure, there would be no way to vet such a group, and especially given the numbers of potential violent jihadis above.  Since we know for sure some real bad actors will definitely slip in, the analogy of the bowl of candy is perfect; only a "few" pieces of the candy are deadly, how many do you want or would you give to your children...?!   

When moderator Joseph Brownlee did finally open the session to the questions he’d received, the two or three he obviously cherry picked were certainly the most softball inquiries asked and he did not bother to mention that the answers mostly did not address the question at hand.

In fact, when the question of citing the Pledge of Allegiance was brought up; meant as a loyalty question I might add, Mr. Ruiz jumped in citing his service in the military, and then launching into a long tirade which had nothing to do with the question.  Mr. Ruiz also inferred that many Muslims serve protecting those of us asking the questions; and yes many Muslims do serve honorably Mr. Ruiz, but sadly some do not.  For example, Hasan Nidal of Ft. Hood infamy; Hasan Akbar who murdered several of his comrades at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait with grenades and a rifle, to name a couple.  Let’s not forget that before his death, Yemeni Cleric Anwar al Awlaqi urged all Muslims serving in the US Army to follow Hasan Nidal’s lead.  

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the commentary by FAU Professor and advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood controlled MSA, Bassem Al Halabi, when he endorsed chopping off hands as proper punishment for certain crimes.  You’re probably saying come on, he didn’t say that…?! Yes he did, listen for yourself here.  When this is the sort of academic is allowed to teach our young at FAU and across the nation, I am correct when I often say that we are in grave danger.

If FAU and the State of Florida want to be fair minded, they need to follow this event up with a dais made up of people with opposing views such as Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Tom Trento, Pamela Geller, and Allen West; to name a few.  Maybe Yours Truly or Wild Bill for America could moderate that unlikely event.  Unlikely on two counts; the perfect timing of the end of the school year and FAU has demonstrated its liberal stripes.

Rest assured, the First Amendment would not be stifled, and much more time for a live Q & A session would be allowed.

One final note; on the way out, I noticed a table dedicated to “CAIR” doling out lots of that organization’s literature.  My question about the presence of that group in light of what I shared above is why it should be allowed in the first place, and why one of their lawyers, Mr. Ruiz, was on the dais..?


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Southeast Florida Honor Flights WWII Mission needs help

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Florida News

If you live in So. Florida, it is next to impossible that you haven’t heard of “Southeast Florida Honor Flights” whose sole mission has been to reach out to every WWII Veteran possible and get them involved with an Honor Flight.  

The Honor Flights have had a single purpose; to set aside a day several times a year and fly these heroes round trip to DC to visit the WWII Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and a few other selected sites in DC.  The next such flight is planned for September 19, 2015.  However, there is an urgent need to raise funds for future flights so SEFHF has partnered with Roger Dean Stadium and they are having a movie night on Wednesday, August 26 to show a documentary about the organization and past flights.  To follow that up, Roger Dean Stadium is hosting a “Military Appreciation Night” that same week on Saturday the 29th.  

I won’t mince words; these are both fund-raising events and every donation, small or large, will go a long way to make upcoming trips possible and successful.

Tickets to both events may be purchased at the Southeast Florida Honor Flights site, the Roger Dean Ticket Office, or TicketMaster.com   Even if you cannot attend these events, purchasing a ticket for posterity and maybe making an extra donation is a great way to say thank to these members of the Greatest Generation.      

The long day starts at 04:30 hours when they all meet at Palm Beach International Airport; some drive, some are bussed under escort by Patriot Guard Riders and Sheriff Deputies.  Once at PBI, they are escorted onto a chartered jet for the ride up.  

They are fed, and escorted the entire day by an assigned guardian.  Along the way they are often greeted by people from Congress and other dignitaries, as well as many passersby during the day.

Once the sites and sights have been seen and the mission is complete, they are flown back on the same jet to PBI.  At that point, unless they’ve somehow been part of one of these events before, they have no idea what awaits them at PBI.

The plane is met on the tarmac and greeted by two Fire Trucks which salute them with a water arch to pass under.  Then, as many as 3000 plus people; from a Scottish Bag-Pipe Ensemble, to Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue, contingents from ROTC groups, Boy Scouts, active Military, and just hundreds of Veterans, civilians and children await them inside the terminal to greet them, cheer them, thank them, offer them flowers, hugs, handshakes, and welcome them home.  I’ve never been to such an event where I didn’t find myself choking back tears.

My friends, for many of these men and women, this is the last great experience of their lives.  

Won’t you please honor them and consider a gift of any amount to help with this mission for our WWII Veterans, and also as SEFHF prepares to begin the next phase of missions to bring our Korean War Veterans up to visit their memorial.

No single group of individuals deserves our respect more than our Military Veterans of all wars.  We at The Patriots Press thank you in advance for your consideration and support. 

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They gave a badge and a gun to "CAIR"….?!

Written by David DiCrescenzo on . Posted in Florida News

Did the employment ad read, “Deputy Sheriffs wanted in Broward County, preferential consideration given to candidates known to be connected to and associated with terrorist organizations?”  How many qualified people that can’t say yes to those questions were passed over in favor of Nezar Hamze…?!  

Are we officially living in “Bizarro Land?”  Is Broward County set to become another Dearborn, MI?

When I heard about this the other day, I sort of brushed it off as maybe a rumor, since I have to believe “CAIR” takes good care of its staff given all the money from the terror networks that support them; even the UAE has them listed as “as one of 83 proscribed terrorist organizations.”

By the way, before I go on, if you live in a cave and have never heard of “CAIR,” stop right here and google them before continuing.  You’ll find along with lots of other stuff that they were founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as a front group for Hamas and other terror groups.  

I’m left to wonder if maybe “CAIR” is feeling the pinch of the lower oil prices and has had to cut back on employee pay and perks, because as far as I know Mr. Hamze is still running the show at “CAIR” in So. Florida when he isn’t donning the uniform of a deputy.

Under the best of conditions, which are hard to imagine, I will state that I am dead against muslims being put in any position of authority, be it police or military, because while I totally understand that not all of them are murderous jihadis hell bent on our death and destruction, it is impossible to tell the friend from the foe in most cases.  

Not to mention that the “good guy” of today too often becomes the “radicalized” nut job in the news tomorrow.

I suppose I’ll once again be called "islamophobic," accused of "hate speech" and all the rest because of this article, but I don’t care.  This is about plain old common sense and Nezar Hamze is clearly not the kind of man that should be allowed to be a LEO or member of the military anywhere in the US.  

Given just the surface history I personally know of him, Mr. Hamze should certainly have come under extensive scrutiny when he applied, and been denied.    

As the face and voice for “CAIR” in So. Florida for a long time, he could be found everywhere and anywhere that some rat was being brought to task for malevolent behavior against America.

Whenever a group like Act for America or Pamela Geller was in town, or anyone speaking the truth about islam, Nezar and his group were on hand and tried to shut them down as this example clearly shows.  

When the imam in Margate, FL came under fire for aiding the Pakistani Taliban back in 2011, Mr. Hamze was right there at the mosque fending off reporters and making sure that none of the members of the mosque spoke with any of us.  When challenged to come on no less than two radio shows to plead his case, he ignored those challenges and turned his back on us.  When former Congressman Allen West hosted Town Hall meetings, he would show up to disrupt things and attempt to discredit Mr. West, who always listened patiently before schooling him on reality as this video shows

Let’s not forget that shortly after the Margate mosque debacle, Mr. Hamze did an episode on the very liberal “The Daily Show” where Jon Stewart painted him to look like the guy next door, while attempting to make a good guy running for Congress out to look foolish.  Sadly, in the eyes of many, Mr. Stewart was successful.

How did Hamze pass the background check, oral board inquiry, etc.?  Were those basic due diligence items even performed, or is it that somehow in the land of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, where insane liberalism reigns supreme, that miscreants are given a pass in the name of tolerance?  Perhaps, just as with POTUS, no one bothered to check for fear of being labelled some sort of “phobic” or “hater.”  

Writing for Front Page Mag, Joe Kaufman was correct when he stated; “As Sheriff, Israel has made it a point to reach out to diverse crowds, including those who could be considered enemies of the U.S. and her allies.”

Hiring Hamze clearly flies in the face of what is best for the citizens of Broward County and Florida.  While I would love to see the next sheriff undo the appointment of Hamze, I understand that it doesn’t work like that.  The good news is that the people of Broward County are only stuck with this Sheriff if and until they get some common sense come Election Day; the bad news is they are stuck with Hamze indefinitely because while he should never have been hired, he can’t just be fired because a liberal goon decided to ignore his past.

The bottom line with Deputy Hamze is that a very bad seed with dubious loyalties and history managed to get himself appointed as a LEO, and it is essential that he be monitored by citizens groups and the Law Enforcement Community as a whole.  

You may read Joe Kaufman's complete story about this insanity by clicking here…




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