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David DiCrescenzoWell, it happened. Governor Scott Walker has prevailed in Wisconsin. A lot of people rallied on both sides, but in the end, good old common sense and conservatism have championed the day. Not surprisingly, a lot of the talking heads on the left that were spouting off about how important it was to win, how it was the biggest race aside from the presidency, and so on, have now changed their tune and are deriding this colossal conservative win as not such a big deal.

I look around and see the various bastions of liberalism collapsing with the current administration everywhere. Even the once high and mighty 'the oprah' is falling on hard times with her audience, http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/oprahs-career-tanking-because-of-obama/ due to her association with him and her way out 'new age' religion.

As a reporter, I talk to lots of people, about lots of stuff, all the time. Lately, and appropriately, most of that talk is of politics. As I open this discussion, we have exactly 151 days before real change is made in this country. I suppose anything can happen on the world stage to change lots of things, however, barring any major natural calamities, the complete collapse of the world condition, (which in my opinion is on the near horizon anyway), the current administration forcing Marshall Law upon us somehow, or some other kind event out of the hands of mortal men, we are going to have an election on November 6, 2012.

Also, unless some other major and drastic occurrence takes place, the choice will be between the incumbent and Republican nominee apparent Governor Mitt Romney. Between now and then, all the damaging stuff the Republicans have been holding back releasing on President Obama is going to surface; that, coupled with his abysmal performance should be enough to destroy his candidacy in a manner akin to the Reagan/Carter show down. The operative word there is 'should,' because while this writer doesn't believe the liberal democrats have any real game at all, and simply continue to put forth the same failed policies and rhetoric they've spewed for decades, they have enslaved untold millions of people on the 'entitlement plantation.' The recent, and soon to be revitalized 'ows' crowd that love the 'plantation' understand all too well that a vote for Obama is a vote to keep the 'plantation' around. Sadly, most of them are too hoodwinked to realize that the well is about dried up, and so too is the 'plantation.'

Coupled with that, the liberal democrats who have largely built and funded the 'plantation' aren't about to sit idly by and watch it all go away. They will spin, twist, massage, outright lie, and otherwise distort the truth about themselves and their opponents in order to stay in power. They will also resort to union thuggery, racial intimidation, cheating, voter fraud, and a host of other tactics to keep their man in power.

At the end of the day, it boils down to this. Before you even look at either of the candidates, have a good long look at yourself, check your value system, your moral code...your everything. Really get a sense for who you are, what you want, and what you want for your children. Forget about distractions such as race, gender, or anything like that. Then get a hold of the information about each candidate and where they claim they stand, and really pay attention to what they say and do. I'm talking about the kind of paying attention you do when the discussion is everyday stuff that you understand and you just know when someone is telling it like it is, or is simply full of it just by the look in their eyes. If a candidate or his friends and associates looks or sounds like the kind of people you tell your children to stay away from, give that a lot of thought.

Once you've done that, see which of them best matches up to who you are and what you believe and want, then vote accordingly. Keep in mind that when you vote for a president, you're also voting for who he might place at the highest levels of National Security, the Supreme Court, and every other facet of Government. Also, understand that such appointments to the highest court are lifelong and the decisions made by such appointments last long after any president is gone from office, and can cripple our way of life.



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