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Publisher's Note:  I always get feedback from readers both pro and con.  Sometimes they are spitting mad and other times they couldn't agree more.  Apparently, I struck a few chords as I was greeted by this in an email this morning.

A lady reader named Anonymous took to her keyboard from a woman's perspective to point out that "sexual misconduct" can go both ways, and here's what she had to say.
Anonymous:  The recent accusations for Judge Roy Moore and the subsequent daily firings of men in high-powered roles of government, media and entertainment industries have one resounding thing in common – it was a long time ago.  So why did the accusations of Roy Moore open up the proverbial door?

One can only speculate on where the line between truth and perspective might be drawn, but as a female, it is time to talk about women and their role in the misconduct.  That’s not to say that men don’t sexually harass women or commit sexual crimes so don’t get your feminist fangs out just yet; but when it comes to many of these accusations, they are about inappropriate behavior.  And frankly, from the female side of this topic, women are just as inappropriate as men if you judge them based on their pursuit of men as we are now judging men in pursuit of women in the workplace or any place.
That’s right women pursue men and sometimes so strategically that they themselves open the door.  And when that opened door leads to sexual advances, it can also lead to a woman scorned, often followed by an indignation that the man walked through the door after feeling himself invited.  You see, women (and I have heard the conversations of many) can sometimes want the attention, encourage the sexual advances, and then when it doesn’t turn out quite as they expected, it is suddenly inappropriate sexual misconduct or harassment.  They can choose to label either of the former while men were simply taking their lead. 

I know many of you will wonder how can a women say such things about her own gender, but come on ladies, many of you have been there, done that, and you wouldn’t want anyone to know until of course you are so scorned and that man runs for higher office.

In a recent conversation with men and younger women, both confirmed that in today’s society, not only are men of all ages bold about what they want, but underage females are as well. 

That’s right teenagers are and have been for decades having consensual sex.  In the case of Roy Moore, given the dates of his accusers, including the one forged in the now infamous yearbook, it wasn’t uncommon that older men dated underage girls and often with parental consent.  In fact, in a time where females were not encouraged to put an education and career as their first goal, Roy Moore with his career ahead of him would have been the guy you wanted your daughter to marry. 

We will never know what happened between Moore and his accusers, but one thing is clear; there have been lies, the timing is very suspect to come forward, and one accuser states she openly dated Moore – openly means in public and not hidden.  Where was the outrage at that time?  Right, there wasn’t any because culturally that wasn’t an issue.

So ladies the next time your coworker who flirted with you months before says unbutton your blouse and you do, don’t be alarmed when he takes that as an invitation for sexual misconduct. But you are not innocent in the process; your behavior was itself an inappropriate response.  It isn’t okay to come back years later and say you were harassed.  I don’t’ care which media superstar locks a door; if you were so appalled you should have said something immediately and perhaps found a blunt object to defend yourself.  But that doesn’t appear to be what happened.  You opened the door with the first button you undid and what happened was a man who pursued you probably believed it was consensual.  So really who is at fault here?  We can all pick a side, but to say that you were completely innocent isn’t reality.

I don’t think much will change from all of these recent accusations and firings, except maybe the hiring of white males will increase because why take the chance on the female between two qualified job candidates?  She might become scorned, she might pose a financial risk to her employer, she might misinterpret something and she might pursue one of her male coworkers.  Feminists are making it harder for the rest of the females who don’t need a lawyer to handle an unwanted sexual advance.  Stop creating an atmosphere where women are not hired; after all, you have spent 50 plus years fighting to break the glass ceilings.

Roy Moore did the right thing by staying in the race and defending his name and reputation.  When his accuser said he no longer has power over her by her making her accusations public just before an election, what does she mean?  Think about it.

Anonymous Female

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Surrounded By Experts...?!

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Publisher’s Note:  Clarke J. Jones, Jr. is one of the sharpest people I know.  He very often shares his viewpoint on various issues and this perfectly articulated commentary hits the nail on the head.  We thank him for allowing us to share with our readers.

Clark J. Jones, Jr.:  So everyone is an expert now? Everyone's perception of another ethnic group's motivations and transgressions is correct and accurate? Until you understand Alinsky, Gramsci, the Frankfort School and others along with history, to include recent Ukraine history, you haven't a clue.

The Left aka SOCIALIST, FASCIST, COMMUNIST, modern "PROGRESSIVES" are but branches of the same tree. The Left are masters at dividing by any means possible. They divide by class, ethnicity, religion, region, gender, culture, and guilt. Each group knowing just enough to feel justified in their own position.

Classic Communism was born in Germany, but like Islam spread quickly through Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, to the largely uneducated, surf and peasant like masses. Like spaghetti sauce or chili, everyone has their own "perfect" recipe for a "socialist utopia."

However, every recipe for utopia leaves out key ingredients such as human nature, biology, and religion. So those that refuse to comply are either forced to comply or eliminated altogether, which repeats the never ending cycle of grievance.

NAZI is National Socialist Workers Party, Ba'ath (Saddam Hussein's political party) is Pan Arab Socialist and they were allied with and patterned by the NAZIs. The Communist Chinese, North Koreans, Khmer Rouge et al. are all versions of the same basic recipe. They all share common outcomes such as economic failure, impoverishment for the masses, oppression, and genocide. Marxism is a failed answer to thousands of years of feudalism throughout the world.

Only one system has been successful in its' displacement of feudalism, the American system devised by our founders of capitalism (free markets, personal property, and profit) combined with representative republicanism (individual liberty and a say in governance).The Left cannot tolerate our system as it shines a spotlight on the Left's inability to compete. However, Americans have become lazy and historically ignorant over the past 50 years. Our system like a bountiful garden requires maintenance and labor to be fruitful. Our laziness has allowed the Left to infiltrate our cultural infrastructure and they have exploited every sin, imagined and real of our founding and history. So like the victim seen defending themselves with no witness to the perpetrator's previous crime, it is easy to distort history to justify and comply with a perceived grievance. The Left is willing to pit its' own groups against each other to achieve a desired outcome. Which is why ANTIFA is both Communist and Fascist at the same time and are confrontational to other fascist groups.

The violence in Charlottesville, Va. was not initiated by the people genuinely concerned about the removal of historical markers and monuments or even the ethnic hate group of "white supremacist;" it was started by ANTIFA and BLM for the purpose of painting conservatives as "racist," discouraging them from attending such assemblies and demonstrations or even providing a pretext for the government to ban such demonstrations, assemblies, and free speech.

We are now in a very, very dangerous time in America. If the Left continues its' assault and the leadership we chose continues to cower we will relive a civil war or worse yet experience a genocidal purge such those in the Ukraine, Poland, China, and Cambodia. Because of ignorance or stupidity in selecting our leadership, we have been maneuvered into a three pronged attack from external and internal forces. Whether you want to accept it or not the Clintons, the Obamas are radical Marxist that have deliberately aided and enabled our enemies. There are others such as Republican establishment elitist who have sold out their nation's parochial interest such as the Bush family and John McCain.

It is critical, now more than ever if we are to survive, to put away our differences of which most are not of our making or are falsely perceived altogether. Whether you wish it or not we are at war. You can fight back, by first becoming informed and by being able to defend yourself or you can surrender to a great evil. I know my choice. I owe a better world to my children and grandchildren and I am of Norman and Saxon ancestry with a firm belief in the almighty.

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Democrats Say Happy Birthday To America...

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Publisher’s Note:  While deciding what to say about the new assault being launched on the President of the United States, I came across the following article written by a friend and occasional contributor to these pages by the name of Dawn Ellen. 

While nothing really surprises me anymore I am stunned by what I see happening in our nation.  For what seems like forever, the left tried unsuccessfully to frame him for some kind of collusion with the Russian Government.  This on the heels of the most treasonous administration in US History with real collusion with the Russians; remember, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility” spoken to Medvedev..?  That comment was caught on a “hot” mic while they were discussing critical issues. 

Let’s not forget Extortion 17, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, trading Bowe Berdahl for five of the worst in Gitmo, nearly destroying our military, and so many other treasonous acts committed by number forty-four.

So now, a handful of very seditious Democrat members of Congress are now attempting what will be a failed coup to oust our duly elected president using the Twenty-fifth Amendment and the ramifications to We the People if such a thing ever does take hold.  It is sad to think that as we prepare to celebrate America’s 241st birthday, we have members of congress that are attempting to destroy the office of the Presidency because this President does not kowtow to their leftist agenda; they must be stopped.

And that is where Dawn’s perfectly stated article below fills in the blanks.

Dawn Ellen:  Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) has proposed convening a ‘special committee of psychiatrists’ to determine if President Trump is fit to serve. This will be the first time Congress formed its own committee to judge a President's mental health. So far two dozen members of the House, all Democrats, have signed on to cosponsor the bill.

This is my warning to every Conservative. The greatest way to silence you is to declare you mentally incompetent or dangerous. This action reminds me of the Soviet Union when they declared all political opponents and dissidents to be insane and forced them to undergo psychiatric ‘care’.

This claim that President Trump is mentally unfit simply because his agenda threatens the Liberal radical views is strictly sideshow antics to distract from the real issues facing our Republic. Just because President Trump’s Twitter feed annoys liberals is no reason for a 25th Amendment impeachment action.
Once the ‘special committee’ is created, the House and Senate could, through a joint resolution, conduct an ‘examination’ to determine whether the President is incapacitated, either mentally or physically. The President can refuse to participate but it 'will be taken into consideration.'

U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment allows a majority of the President's cabinet, or 'such other body as Congress may by law provide,' to decide if the President is unable to carry out his duties and then to put it to a full congressional vote. If two-thirds majorities of the House and Senate agree the President is not able to discharge his duties, he will be dismissed.

The Constitution's framers provided for the replacement of a president with an 'inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the Office' but not for politically charged retaliation. They agreed 'inability' meant a President was 'unable to make or communicate his decisions' and/or suffers from a 'mental debility' rendering him 'unable or unwilling to make any rational decision.'

So what constitutes a ‘rational decision’? Agreeing with the Leftist agenda? Submitting to their radical views? In other words, anyone who defies and/or defeats the Left’s destructive agendas will be considered ‘unstable, irrational and/or mentally unbalanced.

This is dangerous territory considering that Liberals have made statements that Conservatives and Christians are mentally unstable and a threat to the nation. What if one day they declare you mentally dangerous and require you to undergo psychiatric care? You say to yourself, “That will never happen”. Guess again. Liberals are working feverishly day and night to find a way to permanently silence you and if in the future they ever get control of the House, Senate, Governorships and the White House mark my words, you will be declared mentally unfit and threat to society.

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The Boss Is Us...

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Publisher’s Note:  A friend of mine, Dan Ray, a true patriot who talks the talk and walks the walk wrote the following article back in 1987 to commemorate the 200th Birthday of the U.S. Constitution.  While thirty years have come and gone since he wrote it, it is as relevant today as it was then and has been for the past two hundred and thirty years.

Every Patriot needs to read this article and grasp its simple essence and truth.  

As an additional note: please notice which order of importance individuals are on the “Democracy” side of the chart.

Dan Ray:  As true Americans pause to celebrate the 200th birthday of the U.S. Constitution, it is of utmost importance that we clarify and reflect its true purpose and function.  

According to its authors, whom we call the Founding Fathers, the purpose of the Constitution was to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity.  It was, and is, to function as a contract recognizing and protecting our GOD given, unalienable, individual rights.  The posterity is us and those rights are ours.  This contract was to guarantee every state a republican form of government, (Article 4, Section 4).

Our public, (government) school system, along with all establishment controlled media would have us believe that we have a democracy.  Is there that much difference?  So glad you asked!  To keep it simple, a democracy is a government of masses.

Its authority is derived through mass meetings or other forms of direct expression.  Democracy results in mobocracy, where the attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall rule.

In a republic, (guaranteed to every state) authority comes from “We The People.”  From US, limited power is entrusted to our public servants, chosen through free elections to operate as three separate powers: (1) Executive, (2) Legislative, and (3) Judicial, which would maintain vital checks and balances to peacefully and automatically correct abuses of power that would move towards tyranny.

I guess that means that the boss is us.  A republic results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice and progress.  The important question is: Where do you stand as an individual in a democracy?  

Let’s find out by comparing the basic characteristics of a majority ruled democracy and of a constitutional republic.  The chart below will put the drastic differences into focus.  

Here is the basic structure: The truth is born out when one simply recites our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America, and the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

Don’t be dismayed if you haven’t heard this before.  The elite forces in the federal bureaucracy have, through their power of control, made sure that “We the People” were lied to again and again.  The democracy lie is just one of many.  A few others are: the Federal Reserve, the Panama Canal giveaway, the so-called energy shortage of the seventies, Pearl Harbor, Korea, Vietnam, Social Security, fluoridation of water, the IRS and the 16th Amendment, Watergate and on and on.

Fellow Americans!  Wake up!  The constitution was written by Americans to protect American from GOVERNMENT!

Government is supposed to be a servant to the people.  It was not created to control us or dictate our lifestyles.  It is to protect our freedom to exercise our GOD given, unalienable rights, along with the common defense of this nation.

“We the People” must demand that our public servants, who are supposed to represent us, strictly uphold their solemn oath of office or be fired.  This includes Article 4, Section 4 which guarantees us a Republican form of government.

As the Constitution begins the journey through its third century, we must always remember that the Constitution is like a will, written to Govern the estate of our Founding Fathers.  It is still the Supreme Law Of The Land that all laws must be consistent with.  Be proud of the heritage it protects.  Study, learn and share the eternal principles it provides.  Keep alert to the fact that we are, and must remain a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

And that means – THE BOSS IS US!!



REPUBLIC                                                     DEMOCRACY

Our Creator Almighty God                                 Elite Bureaucracy

(God’s Law)                                                   (Controlled by the Federal Reserve)

Individuals                                                     Federal Government

(We the People)                                             (Subservient to Bureaucracy)

Constitution                                                   Public Servants

(Lawful Contract)                                           (Appearance of Representative Government)

Government Structure                                     Constitution

(State and National)                                       (Token observance when convenient)

Public Servants                                              Statutes

(Elected to serve and uphold oath)                   (Man-made laws)

Statutes                                                        Corporations

(Man-Made laws)                                            (Artificial creations of states)

Corporations                                                  Individuals

(Artificial creation of states)                             (Subject or serf)

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Rome To Sodom And Gomorrah, The Decline of Western Culture...

Written by Felicia Anderson on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s Note:  As my regular readers know, I am not shy when it comes to railing about the decline of our culture at every level, and I have my share of detractors because of it.  Additionally, from time to time, I come across different posts on various social media which align with my thinking.

The following article written by Felicia Anderson; a reader and long-time friend says it better than I’ve said it in a while.  It’s a bit longer than most, but every word is carefully crafted to point the reader to a real truth.  I used to say “we are Rome” due to the depths of immorality we have ascended to, however we are fast becoming Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Felicia Anderson:  Our Crumbling Moral Culture:  "The obfuscation of rational thought is denigrating our entire country."

After viewing an absurd post, I became enraged over the country and the acceptability of the inane and obscene in this country pushed by the left and a media immersed in an immoral agenda instead of fact.  The left continues to pollute every ounce of decency and sanity in this country via obliterating rational thought, science, decency, and truth in our culture.  

Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, the bible of the “Progressive Obliterators” in this country, have pushed false narratives so far that indoctrinated minds are now accepting pure obscenity as acceptable virtue and truth in this country.  If you hear a lie often enough, it becomes your truth and reality.

How perverted can we become..?  We will continue to pervert our culture as long as we allow sinister minds to re-write our history, corrupt truth and science, and remove God and all decency and morality.

The hypocrisy is beyond contempt as the left collaborates with an Islamic governmental ideology based on Sharia Law subjugating women at all levels and promoting the murder and destruction of infidels, especially Jews and Christians.  The two opposing ideologies cannot co-exist under rational thought.  We view the news with numb minds as Iran, the leading financial supporter of terrorism, receives billions in cash from the United States and then marches formally in huge numbers in the streets chanting "Death to America;" and we as Americans accept this..?!  The ban on entry into our country by a government so morally corrupted is somehow illegal..?! How about, it's rational for security…!

The vagina bonnets and their absurdity of Nasty Women distracted from the actual collaboration they had with women connected to terrorist organizations, and as well, fueled by the belief that a baby is not a baby until it is born.  This narrative is now acceptable because they pushed their former agenda for so long that it became acceptable.  Abortion became acceptable until certain times and under certain conditions.  Now the narrative is being pushed so far that human beings can now be murdered without any remorse or disregard for LIFE up until delivery..?!  

My daughters were born at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 10 lbs. 1 1/2 oz. and I know they could survive on their own long before delivery.  When we remove God and all morality we begin to denigrate our society by chipping away at decency, truth, moral behavior and acceptable, rational actions.  The push is so severe that there is now more concern and emotional support for animals than actual human intervention and connections. 

Of course, this was the initial design of the UN Agenda 21 (United Nations) and their nefarious design of a global world with a defined population and animals ruling the nest (excuse the pun).  The fines for harming animals can be more severe than the murder of innocent human life.  Additionally, social redistribution of wealth - set to bring down western societies economically to redistribute their wealth to other populations was a fundamental basis.  

The removal of private property; our ability to create wealth via equity, remains a huge part of it.  The wetlands cases insanely fining innocent private landowners and farmers are a prime example.  Have you noticed the increase of youthful college debt now controlled and run by the federal government and the push for everyone to attend college..?!  This was most likely by design and not an accident. 

Another illegal alien with five deportations and felonies just killed another innocent human being, yet I'll bet a brutal puppy death would even now draw more concern, because our acceptable norms are being corrupted by numbing faux narratives.

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