A Brazilian Warning For America...

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Publisher's Note:  Sybele Capezzutti is a frequent contributor to The Patriots Press, and today she explains in simple terms why she, as an Immigrant and now citizen, supports Donald Trump for President.  I could have summed it up for her this way.  She supports Mr. Trump because she's smart and has seen what the left can do to a country.

Sybele Capezzutti:  So why is an open minded, loving person like myself supporting Trump?

Because this open minded person has seen enough and been to too many different places to be fooled by the social politics of the left

Americans should take some time and study the political history of Brazil during the last 20 years.  If they did they would understand why voting for the left is a big mistake.

Just in case I was able to spike your curiosity… Jose Ignacio da Silva, most commonly known as Lula, was without any difference whatsoever, the Brazilian Obama. Exactly the same platform, exactly the same popular appeal, exactly the same results. He was followed by Dilma Rousseff, the first female president in Brazil, a woman with a criminal past and a trail of corruption, who is today being impeached after completely destroying the Country’s economy.

Dilma used the same marketing agency to work for her campaign as Obama and now Hillary is using, a little unknown bit of information that makes you go hmmmm….!

I’ve come to expect Brazilians to vote for free stuff and empty promises, the lack of education and 20 years of a military dictatorship has affected most of the population’s ability to think clearly. But never dreamt that one day Americans would become as gullible and easy to manipulate!

Journalists here, just like in Brazil, are no longer the truth seekers and reporters of important news. They are now the 4th Branch of government as in any other socialist Country. They get their scripts from the gulag and deliver them to the masses so you are sure to think exactly the way they want you to think….and if for any reason you dare to try to think for yourself you will be labeled anything from a fascist, bigot, racist, sexist, and the list goes on. They will shame you into submission and they will use your own friends who have already been properly “converted” to do so.

Yes, I’ve seen it all before. I’ve also seen the results.

At 20 I was too young to understand how important it was for even one person to keep fighting against government indoctrination, I didn’t feel that I fit in a Country where the masses were content with government handouts, accepted corruption as part of life and felt no need to improve themselves, so I left. At 52 I understand that there is nowhere else to go, this is the last stand. Furthermore, I want to leave a better world for my son and his children.

If you are voting for Hillary because you believe Trump is a fascist, racist, sexist crazy man….then congratulations!  You’ve graduated as a good student from the 4th Branch of Government!

I hear people saying this every day…I don’t like Hillary, she’s a crook, but Trump scares me more.

Seriously?!  Please listen to yourself and tell me if what you are saying is not clear indication that you’ve been successfully convinced to vote for a known crook because you just took in without even questioning, all the information the gulag supplied to you? I have to admit that their ability to come up with ways to control people is outstanding, and I’m terribly disappointed with the American people.

Of course none of this would ever have been possible if the politicians seeking to keep their comfortable thrones of corruption didn’t facilitate illegal immigration in order to change the demographics of the Country enough to dilute the strong sense of Patriotism and self-reliance Americans once had. I know, a lot of you think it’s about being kind to people, sorry to disappoint you but it isn’t! All they want is to have here the same kind of mentality that helped the corrupt politicians in other Countries not only get elected but keep their power.

And that my friends, is why this open minded loving person who doesn’t care what color you are, what your sexual orientation is, what religion you follow and what gender you claim to be, is a Trump supporter and hoping that by a miracle, some of you can see through the fog of social politics and vote to make America the great Country it once was again.

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Forget Cruz, Time To Focus On Beating Hillary

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Publisher’s note:  Once again, Sybele Capezzutti puts a situation into focus.  It is time for everyone to pull together, put petty differences decides and resolve to ensure that the national mantra becomes #neverhillary.

Sybele Capezzutti:  To all the Cruz supporters having a meltdown.  Cruz might have had great intentions and even been a good candidate but.....

He hired the most unethical campaign manager the GOP has ever produced and that's where he took a fatal turn during his campaign.

Instead of holding true to his initial platform he was guided by his campaign manager to piggy back on the #nevertrump campaign, which was created by the establishment elite (do your own research) taking advantage of the millions that were being spent by the #nevertrump group in order to beat his opponent.

By doing so, he took the wrong side during the first riots outside of the Trump campaign and lost some support, then he said Trump supporters were low information voters and lost more support....you simply don't call people in your own party that you are trying to get to eventually vote for you low information; big mistake.

By taking a piggy back ride on the #nevertrump campaign Cruz's only achievement during this election cycle was to validate an image of Trump that was created to benefit Hillary since the elite is more comfortable with who they already know they can work with regardless of political affiliation.

I personally think Cruz was used without even realizing it, they knew he had the most loyal supporters and if he carried the message it would stick.

Refusing to vote in November or writing in Mickey Mouse because you've been successfully convinced by the 95 million spent by the #nevertrump group that he is no better than Hillary is exactly what they want you to do.....you've been punked…!

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Appreciating The American Dream...

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's Note:  Once again, the keyboard of Sybele Capezzutti came alive and she offers a triumphant description of how she felt when she arrived in America; what it meant to her, and, while she stills loves it here...a little sadness comes through as she has watched a lot of things change for the worse along with the rest of us.  

Thank you for granting The Patriots Press the privilege of sharing this with our readers Sybele, and thank you for taking the time to honor our nation on its birthday.

Sybele Capezzutti:  When I came to America thirty-two years ago a few things caught my attention....

The streets were clean and well paved; there was a sense of order; there weren't any beggars on the street corners; people didn't lock their doors during the day or lock their cars.

Americans could criticize anyone and anything freely; Americans could open a small business and make a decent living; cops were respected.

Each State was different with different laws that served its population; voting wasn't mandatory but Americans took it seriously.

Americans were proud, a good proud.

I was travelling by bus from St. Louis, MO to Peoria, IL listening to my Walkman (you can laugh now!) in total awe of the beautiful road, and as we crossed the Mississippi River I saw a group of bikers; there were twenty or so, they all had jackets with the American Flag on it and the leader had a big Flag flying from his bike....it gave me chills!

I cried...I was in America! The land of the Free!

I knew then I wanted to be part of it, I wanted to be free also.  It wasn't the kind of freedom that removes physical chains, it was freedom of the soul.

The visa process was a lengthy and expensive one, but to me it was so worth it! I was glad that this wonderful Country was so demanding and scrutinized its immigrants, after all, the reason it was so wonderful was because of its citizenry and the pride they carry in their hearts, the love they had for this land.

Becoming a US Citizen in those days was a privilege, one that I was very grateful for.

To all of you that were blessed with being born in this amazing Country....

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being selective about whom you are willing to accept into your family, that's called self-preservation.  Read the beginning of this post again and ask yourself why things have changed so much in thirty years.

As we continue celebrating America's 240th Birthday let's remember that this Nation was made by immigrants who embraced it, loved it, fought for it, and died for it....and not by immigrants who refused to assimilate.

I wish all of you could feel what I felt that day when I crossed the Mississippi River....

"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people" ~ Ronald Reagan.

Happy Birthday America! And thank you for having me.

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Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program

Written by Laura Rambeau Lee on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note: In this very brief, to the point article, Laura Rambeau Lee lays out this doomed to failure program.

Laura Rambeau Lee:  The Obama Administration’s refugee resettlement program completely and dangerously ignores its duty first and foremost to protect American citizens.  Just this week CIA Director John Brennan advised us that ISIS/ISIL has plans to infiltrate and insert radical Islamic jihadists in a global terrorism campaign via these refugee routes. 

The administration is bringing in tens of thousands of refugees despite massive opposition by the American people through unconstitutional presidential executive orders.  In my state of Florida Governor Rick Scott appealed to the White House to provide information on the refugees being settled in our state.  They told him no, that it would violate the privacy rights of the refugees.  The states absolutely have the right and authority to refuse refugees unless and until we know who they are, where they come from, and their personal background and history. 

In this last year of Obama’s second term as president we are seeing the fundamental transformation of America he promised as a candidate in 2008.  This is civilization jihad combined with civilization suicide.  This is giving aid and comfort to our enemies within the United States, the very definition of treason.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Hannity



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XX or XY, We Are What We Are

Written by Sybele Capezzutti on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s note:  I have many friends and acquaintances on the various social media.  One of those friends, Sybele Capezzutti, has an amazing ability to size up some of the many issues that are continually thrust upon our culture, and reduce them down to the simplest of terms.  She has done it again with this very brief synopsis on the subject of “gender fluidity.” 

Sybele Capezzutti:  Let it be known that the party that rejects religion because it is not based on science embraces gender identity as a feeling while rejecting it as the simple science of XX and XY.

I have absolutely no problem with how you identify yourself (I love my friends for who they are), but when the government decides to remove science from the school books and ignore it in order to teach gender identity as a feeling, they are going against science and robbing our children from proper education. It is not their job to impose social acceptance by ignoring science.

And by the way...gender is not fluid either! Even my gay friends have a problem with people that swing in every direction; they are confused, not fluid.

You can change whatever you want on the outside and your chromosomes will still be XX or XY, any other combination is a mutation and rare.

How you identify will never make it possible for a XX to produce sperm and a XY to produce eggs and carry a baby.

I can identify as a cat and that will not change my DNA so I can become a cat, not that hard to understand! 

I'm all for social acceptance, but let's not mess with our children's education and rob them from facts in order to promote a political agenda.

All the government is doing is creating a generation that is even less informed and more confused than the last...thus much easier to control and manipulate. WAKE UP!

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