Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program

Written by Laura Rambeau Lee on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note: In this very brief, to the point article, Laura Rambeau Lee lays out this doomed to failure program.

Laura Rambeau Lee:  The Obama Administration’s refugee resettlement program completely and dangerously ignores its duty first and foremost to protect American citizens.  Just this week CIA Director John Brennan advised us that ISIS/ISIL has plans to infiltrate and insert radical Islamic jihadists in a global terrorism campaign via these refugee routes. 

The administration is bringing in tens of thousands of refugees despite massive opposition by the American people through unconstitutional presidential executive orders.  In my state of Florida Governor Rick Scott appealed to the White House to provide information on the refugees being settled in our state.  They told him no, that it would violate the privacy rights of the refugees.  The states absolutely have the right and authority to refuse refugees unless and until we know who they are, where they come from, and their personal background and history. 

In this last year of Obama’s second term as president we are seeing the fundamental transformation of America he promised as a candidate in 2008.  This is civilization jihad combined with civilization suicide.  This is giving aid and comfort to our enemies within the United States, the very definition of treason.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Hannity



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XX or XY, We Are What We Are

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Publisher’s note:  I have many friends and acquaintances on the various social media.  One of those friends, Sybele Capezzutti, has an amazing ability to size up some of the many issues that are continually thrust upon our culture, and reduce them down to the simplest of terms.  She has done it again with this very brief synopsis on the subject of “gender fluidity.” 

Sybele Capezzutti:  Let it be known that the party that rejects religion because it is not based on science embraces gender identity as a feeling while rejecting it as the simple science of XX and XY.

I have absolutely no problem with how you identify yourself (I love my friends for who they are), but when the government decides to remove science from the school books and ignore it in order to teach gender identity as a feeling, they are going against science and robbing our children from proper education. It is not their job to impose social acceptance by ignoring science.

And by the way...gender is not fluid either! Even my gay friends have a problem with people that swing in every direction; they are confused, not fluid.

You can change whatever you want on the outside and your chromosomes will still be XX or XY, any other combination is a mutation and rare.

How you identify will never make it possible for a XX to produce sperm and a XY to produce eggs and carry a baby.

I can identify as a cat and that will not change my DNA so I can become a cat, not that hard to understand! 

I'm all for social acceptance, but let's not mess with our children's education and rob them from facts in order to promote a political agenda.

All the government is doing is creating a generation that is even less informed and more confused than the last...thus much easier to control and manipulate. WAKE UP!

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North Carolina, ground zero for "transgender" revolution...?

Written by Tim Dunkin on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher’s Note:  There is a lot of talk these days about “transgender” rights; specifically where such “rights” are stacked up against common sense logic and the rights of the vast majority of “non-transgendered” persons to use gender specific facilities without feeling the need to protect themselves or their children from potentially harmful exposures.

In the following, very carefully crafted article, Tim Dunkin breaks down the prevailing arguments and makes a very salient case of how such measures are put into place against the over-whelming wishes of any constituency.  Mostly due to financial pressure from the federal government.

Since I look at this issue with the same raised eyebrow that I view the targeted attacks by “big gay” on Christian businesses for refusing to provide services for occasions that go against their beliefs, I have asked Mr. Dunkin to be a guest on my regular weekly radio show “A Word To The Wise” this Monday 4/11/16 at 8:00 PM, EST.  You can listen to that show by clicking here and then simply click on the triangle “play” button just below the Blog Talk Radio Icon near the top left.  

Not only will he and I discuss this issue and field calls from the listening audience on that show, I will also be discussing a related issue on the Sunday show that I am currently guest hosting called “Damon Rosen’s Insane Sunday.”  That show, which you can tune into by clicking here and following the same instructions as above, will highlight one of the major evidences of targeting against Christians and their businesses as I discuss a Muslim scholar calling for the death of all gays and lesbians in this video. 

This is hardly the first time I have heard such commentary from a Muslim, but what I find even more appalling than what he actually says is the hypocritical silence of “big gay” and other anti-Christian groups who very often side with Muslims in a show of some sort of solidarity.  

Newsflash to “big gay” and the others, many of us on the Christian right have been warning you about this for years.

My challenge to you is instead of attacking Christians and their businesses to advance your agendas, why not tackle this direct threat…?!  Simply put, because you know that no Christian is going to kill you for what you do, whereas a Muslim very well might.

Tim Dunkin:  Recently, the state of North Carolina has found itself squarely in the cross hairs of the radical gay lobby and its social justice warrior (SJW) allies in business.  The reason is a new law, passed by wide margins in both houses of the legislature and signed by Governor McCrory, which prevents local governments from passing ordinances allowing, among other things, so-called “transgendered” individuals to use bathrooms that do not conform to their actual, biological gender (i.e. would require men to use men's restrooms, and women to use women's facilities, regardless of what they “identify” as).  This was in response to the city of Charlotte, which ignored the wishes of its own people and passed a “non-discrimination” ordinance that would have allowed men who “identify” as women to intrude into the personal privacy of women by using their restrooms.  

Naturally, the radical Left is up in arms about this.  They disingenuously paint the original Charlotte ordinance as nothing more than “equal rights” (since when does the US Constitution, or any constitution for that matter, address bathroom use?) and part of the “new gay civil rights” push. Opponents of the ordinance warned that it would merely pave the way for perverts to legally be able to victimize women and girls.  While the radical gay lobby derides that claim, we should note that the individual who was largely responsible for seeing the Charlotte ordinance pass – a gay man named Chad Sevearance-Turner – is a convicted sex offender who was arrested in 1998 for “committing or attempting to commit a lewd act upon a child under the age of 16.”  The original ordinance's proponents vigorously assert that it would never have resulted in weird, creepy men abusing the system to indecently expose themselves to women (or worse).  They should try telling that to this guy in Seattle, or this other guy in Toronto, both of whom did exactly that.

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Journey to Jesus, a former Muslim woman speaks...

Written by Shoa Zilch on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  This is a true story written by a former Muslim woman in her own words about her long journey to find the truth and peace that can only be found in Jesus.  Like so many other former Muslims, her story is spell binding.  I came across her story via my friend Dr. Sharon Schuetz and am republishing this with Dr. Sharon's kind permission.  It is a story that must be told.

Dr. Sharon Schuetz: Shoa Zilch is a former Muslim woman who was raised in a Muslim home and given to her former husband through an arranged marriage. She suffered years of abuse through the religion of peace, Islam, and its adherants in the Muslim community. While she is free of the chains of Islam, she still has to endure abuse from her former husband through her relationship with her six children, some who live with her, and some who have chosen their father’s life, Islam.


Shoa Zilch:  My name is Shoa Zilch, and I was born in Calcutta India to strict Muslim parents. We moved to Venezuela when I was just a baby, where I grew up. I graduated from high school, and then moved to the United States with a scholarship to rice University.

My parents, however, had other plans. They had arranged for me to marry immediately. My husband was a 30-year-old fundamentalist Shiite Muslim from Pakistan. The day after we were married he bought me a black burka. It is a complete head to toe covering that Muslim women wear.

He forbade me to wear any other color in public. There were many other rules I had to get accustomed to as well. I was not allowed to shake hands with any men, look at them in the eyes, or make any eye contact. I wasn’t allowed to have any women friends either. Two days after we were married my husband’s brother introduced us to his boss and I, being polite, shook hands with him. My husband got furious in front of everyone and told me that I was unclean and made me wash my hands immediately. For the next 17 years....."

Please click here for complete story...

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The Ten Worst People in Politics in 2015

Written by Tim Dunkin on . Posted in Guest Articles

Publisher's note:  Once again, Tim takes a subject, analyzes it, and comes up with a great and very readable article.  How he was able to whittle this down to only 10 I'll never know, however I have to believe there were lots of runners up.

Rest assured that you'll be seeing a lot of Tim's stuff on these pages and several others over the coming years.

Tim Dunkin:  Let’s face it – 2015 was a pretty bad year, all things considered.  The United States of America, and indeed the whole world, became poorer, more corrupt, less stable, and less free as a result of the actions of a relatively small number of people. While there are many, many people who could be included in a list of the “worst people in politics” because of their systematic badness, these are a few especially reprehensible individuals who have gone above and beyond in the effort to make our country and the world an appalling place for those who actually care about human freedom and progress. Below is a list of ten of these worst offenders who especially stood out for their “contributions” in 2015.

#10 – Paul Krugman

Where to begin with Paul Krugman, the Nobel-prize winning economist who is nevertheless consistently wrong on just about everything he says, economic or otherwise? He wins a spot on this list for his recent assertion that, contrary to all evidence, global warming...er…climate change is a greater threat to human civilization than is terrorism, even as we saw record coverage for Antarctic ice and the Northern hemisphere is seeing record snowfalls.  Krugman deserves his spot, however, because he isn’t merely blinkered. He knows full well that global warming is nothing more than a scare tactic designed to get people to go along with the destruction of jobs, wealth, and industrial civilization – he wants those things to happen, and lent his weight of support to the hoax worthy Paris climate conference, even as Paris was recovering from one of the most deadly terrorist attacks in recent years.  Talk about a clueless, tone deaf moron.  This is despite the fact that there is actually no consensus on the reality of man-made climate change, and indeed, a majority of actual accredited scientists in the relevant fields are skeptical of in it.  

#9 – Justin Trudeau

Canada’s new prime minister, known in some circles as “Canada’s Obama,” demonstrates all the same cluelessness coupled with arrogance that we have come to know and love in our own Pres__ent.  Like Obama, Trudeau has a number of uncomfortably close ties to radical Islamic groups, and is known for his recent defense of the anti-female hijab, a face covering used in some Islamic countries that indicates a husband’s ownership of his wife – something about which feminists would normally be upset, except when it involves Muslims and popular left-wing politicians.  Trudeau has also ended Canadian involvement in air strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, something which caused Islamic State supporters to cheer his election as prime minister back in October.  Anyone who gets the enthusiastic support of 7th century Islamic barbarians cannot be a positive force for good, in this world or in any other.

#8 – Paul Ryan

What can we say about Paul Ryan?  In just three short years, he has gone from hero to zero.  Supposedly he was this great, free market, fiscally responsible conservative.  Now, he is just another cog in the Washington machine that perpetually removes liberty from the people and the states, and centralizes it into the hands of the DC bureaucracy.  This was most recently shown by his complete abandonment of any fiscally responsible principles when he handed the Democrats a budget which Nancy Pelosi could scarcely have made any worse.  If there’s one saving grace for Paul Ryan, it’s that we can thank him for showing us once against why you just can’t trust any of these Washington politicians.  

#7 – Debbie Wassermann-Schultz

The Florida congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair is living proof that anyone will say anything, no matter how stupid or ham-fisted, so long as they’re either being paid or aren’t troubled by the need to think for themselves.  This woman is so dumb that even left-wingers in the media can’t help but make fun of her.  If her influence on the American political culture was limited to being the butt of late night comedy jokes, that would be fine.  Unfortunately, however, she has the real ability to direct the activities and ideology of one of the two major political parties in this country. Which means she can spread the stupid around but good.  At least we can take some comfort in the fact that on her watch, the Democratic National Committee is going further and further into debt.  Until they get a taxpayer-funded bailout, of course.

#6 – Pope Francis

Some might be surprised to find the pope, of all people, on this list.  Don’t be.  This past year, Pope Francis spent much of his time circuiting the globe and selling the poisoned brew of socialism to already poor people the world over, so that they could become even poorer because of the policies he advocates.  Instead of bringing hope or goodness to their lives, he has merely helped to extend their despair.    By using his position and moral authority to assail capitalism – which is the only proven economic engine that lifts people out of poverty and makes their lives objectively better – Pope Francis has helped to ensure that people in the Third World will continue to languish in grinding poverty, with all the accompanying famines, plagues, and other ills that come with it.  Meanwhile, he heads up a religious organization worth billions and which hasn’t exactly been quick to redistribute all of its own wealth to the poor and needy, as the pope asks everyone else to do.  

#5 – Robbie Blankenship and Jesse Cruz

You may not have heard of these two goobers, but they are the gay “couple” who, while living in Ohio, crossed the border into a completely different state (Kentucky) specifically for the purpose of finding a county clerk (Kim Davis) whom they could harass for refusing to issue them a marriage license.  In other words, these guys are enemies of the Constitution and of the American people, who made a conscious decision to try to cause trouble and attack religious liberty.  They are quite obviously nothing more than tools of the liberty-hating Gaystapo.  One can hope that when the time rolls around for them to get their “gay divorce,” that the laws haven’t caught up yet and they’re stuck with each other.  

#4 – Black Lives Matter founders

Because it is supposedly a “mass movement” (though actually, it is just controlled by shadowy elements behind the scenes), I’m going to put the entire #BLM movement in this spot.  While I actually have a lot of sympathy for those protesting legitimate excessive force and misuse of authority by the police (which I’ve written about before), the fact of the matter is that the Black Lives Matter movement is built on lies, and is being used to do nothing but create disunity between Americans and destroy our social fabric. It gained national prominence after the defensive shooting of Michael Brown, a scumbag who had robbed a convenience store and then physically assaulted a police officer while trying to take his gun away.  It has since allowed itself to morph into a great big thug sandwich that does little more than threaten people, block traffic, and harass folks who have nothing to do whatsoever with police brutality.  The only redeeming quality of #BLM is that it openly demonstrates to regular Americans the excesses and nastiness of left-wing activism.  

#3 – Bill DeBlasio

Bill de Blasio is New York City’s communist mayor and arch-hater of the Constitution. Under his watch, crime has greatly increased, making the lives of average citizens in the city that much more dangerous and difficult.  De Blasio has also used his position to undermine educational and economic freedom.  Most egregiously, however, is his support for New York City’s new fine of $250,000 on business owners who do not refer to transgendered employees by the employees’ “preferred gender pronoun.”  Yes, thanks to Bill de Blasio, a business owner can potentially have his or her livelihood ruined for not pandering to the fantasies of any psychologically-damaged perverts they happen to employ.  Hizzoner apparently thinks that the First Amendment ends where NYC’s boundaries begin.

#2 – Alan McCollough

“Judge” Alan McCollough is the black-robed fascist who issued the ruling against the owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery in Oregon, which was fined over $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay “wedding.”  Hence, he was an active participant in the ruination of a Christian couple’s lives because he didn’t like their personal beliefs.  Despite spending years assuring us that gay “marriage” would in no way infringe on anyone else’s rights, the gay lobby is now digging up anti-constitutional thugs like McCollough to assault religious freedom and the freedom of association in this country.  Dangerous lunatics like this judge don’t belong on the bench – they belong in prison or in an asylum!

#1 – Cecile Richards

I believe that we can fairly ask the question, “Could there be a worse human being in the United States of America than Cecile Richards?”   If you don’t recall who she is, Mizz Richards is the head of Planned Parenthood, and became the public face and chief apologist for that organization during the scandal that erupted when undercover videos of their illegal activities broke to the surface.  One has to go back to 1945 to find as spirited a defense of the dismemberment of human beings and the sale of their body parts as Cecile Richards made.  And while sticking to your guns may be a good thing in some cases, it is not when it means continuing in the hypocrisy of murdering babies while pretending it’s all about “freedom.”  She is one sick individual who nevertheless gives a voice to lots of other sick individuals


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